Brad Thorson Q&A

Mequon, Wis. offensive lineman – class of 2006 signee profile

Brad Thorson verbally committed to the Wisconsin football program the final weekend before signing day, switching his commitment away from Minnesota. The 6-foot-4, 285-pounder was a late boomer in recruiting circles, but was a standout performer at Homestead High School for three years.

Thorson will be an interior lineman at Wisconsin, most likely a center. He bench presses 265 pounds and runs the 40-yard dash in 5.1 seconds. He scored a 33 on his ACT and a has a 4.3 grade-point average on a weighted 4.0 scale. He plans to enroll in Wisconsin's business school.

Badger Nation: Do you remember what your first impression of the University of Wisconsin was, whenever that occurred?

"I probably went to my first game when I was about six years old. I've been going to the Badger games all my life. I grew up watching games in the old Camp Randall and I've actually only been to probably three games in the new Camp Randall, just because I've been so much busier with football and other things in high school. I thought it was loud back then in the old stadium but it's just so much bigger. I've always been impressed with the football program, watching it on TV. They're just a team I have to root for, being from the state of Wisconsin. And just the university itself, I know plenty of kids from my school who have been up there. I have a cousin who is enrolled there and they all give it positive reviews, have nothing bad to say about it."

BN: What would you say is your favorite memory from your official visit (Jan. 27)?

BT: "Being in that stadium when no one else was there. There's something special about being in a stadium that seats 85,000 people and you know that you have the chance to step out onto that game field and people will be cheering for you. So I think just having that feeling standing up there in the [luxury] boxes was pretty incredible. And just the all-around atmosphere was great to be a part of."

BN: Was Wisconsin always the team you cheered for growing up?

BT: "Yes. Wisconsin and Notre Dame. They never played each other so I cheered for both of them. If I had two dream schools—to be honest, I never thought I'd be at this point, saying I'm going to be playing for the Badgers—but if there were two dream schools in mind, Wisconsin was definitely No. 1 and Notre Dame was No. 2. To have your dream school come to you, it's pretty incredible."

BN: What would you say you're most proud of from your high school career?

BT: "I played four years on varsity but I think last year taking it to the semifinals with a team that lost, we only had three returning starters on offense and we managed to become one of the more successful offenses that we had. I was the only senior on the offensive line working with those guys and becoming successful, it was really rewarding to me in the end. Although we had to lose to the eventual state championship team (Racine Park), I think we learned a lot about ourselves and what the game of football was about throughout the season."

BN: Is there an athlete you've modeled your game after?

BT: "I've worked with Joe Panos. He has a performance training center out in Waukesha and I've been going out there. I went out there and worked on offensive line technique. I think he really had a lot of influence on me, on how my play went. He had a lot of things to say about leadership and how to compose yourself. So I really took a lot of notes from him and learned how to take my football playing to the next level to get where I am. If I had to say one person I probably played like, it'd be him, just because of all the work I've done with him."

BN: Favorite non-sports historical figure?

BT: "Ronald Reagan. He played sports but he wasn't famous (for sports). I'm an outspoken conservative. I just decided to pick him, spur of the moment there."

BN: Do you anticipating redshirting?

BT: "Yeah, unless something very strange happens, I think I'll probably be redshirting. I guess my goal would be to make the traveling squad. I think my idea is you need to have a high goal but an attainable goal and I think that's something that I have a chance at doing. That's where I see myself."

BN: What would you say are your goals for further into your four years at Wisconsin?

BT: "Personally, self-goals, I'd like to make it on the field as soon as possible, whether it be at guard or center. Personnel-wise, I know the center next year will be a junior so I'd have to wait until my redshirt sophomore year to step in there and start. I'm not sure what they have at guard. Certainly make it on the field as soon as I can, really make a difference. I hope to obtain All-Big Ten honors by the time I graduate, hopefully be captain. But as far as team goals go, I'd love to see my team get back to winning Big Ten Championships and getting into high-level bowl games, challenging for the national championship."

BN: Where do you hope to be in 10 years?

BT: "Running my own business. Doing something to help the University of Wisconsin make some more money."

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