Mickey Turner Q&A

Camdenton, Mo. tight end prospect – class of 2006 signee profile

Mickey Turner, a 6-foot-4, 240-pound athlete, could play tight end or defensive end at Wisconsin. He was productive at both positions, with nearly 500 receiving yards and 10 sacks as senior. Turner will begin his UW career as a tight end, but could move to defensive end down the road.

A good all-around athlete who is currently playing for the Camdenton (Mo.) High School basketball team, Turner can complete the 40-yard dash in 4.72 seconds. He bench presses 305 pounds and squats 470.

Turner has plenty of football roots. His father, John, was a defensive end at Arkansas (1971-73). His brother, McCabe, played linebacker at Central Missouri State (1993-95) and another brother, Tate, was a fullback at Arkansas (1994) and Central Missouri State (1995-98).

Also an excellent student, Turner is a member of the National Honor Society. He carries a 4.5 grade-point average on a weighted 4.0 scale (he estimated it would be a 3.8 on an un-weighted scale) and he scored a 31 on the ACT.

Badger Nation: Do you have a major picked out for college?

Mickey Turner: "I'm thinking pre-med but as the coaches said, they told me that the first three or four semesters are already planned out for you and you just get to choose a little bit and they said you don't have to declare a major until your sophomore year. So I'm hoping I can get a feel for where I exactly want to go when I get there."

BN: It sounds like, from Bret Bielema's signing day press conference, that you could play defensive end as well as tight end. Did you have a preference in high school between the two positions?

MT: "No, I like them both. I just like to play."

BN: What was your first impression of the University of Wisconsin?

"Wow, I guess. At first I got there and it looked like a college town. But the different thing about it is I came in the summer the first time (on an unofficial visit) and there were still a lot of kids there and I think that kind of shows how much all the student body loves the campus and everything. It's not like everybody was just running home as soon as school got out. They wanted to stay around. And second off, whenever I walked into the stadium is pretty amazing. Going up in the coaches office and looking out through the windows. You can tell you're playing Big Ten football."

BN: Favorite memory from official visit?.

MT: "I pretty much committed whenever I came up there in the summer (He verbally committed in July). Coach Mason took me on the field and kind of walked around for a little bit. I shook his hand on the ‘W' in the middle of the field and he said he's never had that done before."

BN: What are you most proud of from your high school career?

MT: "We won state this year, 14-0."

BN: Did you have a favorite college team growing up?

MT: "I lived in Oklahoma City so I was kind of a big (Oklahoma) fan. I moved to Missouri my sophomore year and so then I was kind of without a favorite team for a little bit and now Wisconsin."

BN: Is there an athlete you would say you model your game after?

MT: "Mark Bavarro….

"He was real tough. It wasn't like he was some of these finesse tight ends nowadays, like they spread out and everything. He was well-rounded. He did everything… third-down receiver."

BN: Do you have a favorite sports movie?

MT: "I have a lot of them. I really like Remember the Titans. And pretty much any of the football movies, like Varsity Blues, Any Given Sunday.

BN: Who has influenced you the most or served as a role model for your career?

MT: "Probably my brothers and my dad. Because when I was in grade school, we used to always fly up to watch them. Just always been around it. Sundays what we did was make a bunch of food and sat around and watched the NFL.

BN: Do you anticipate redshirting as a freshman?

MT: "The coaches didn't really say whether or not I was going to. They said I'm going to have a chance to play, they didn't guarantee any playing time. I don't really think I will (redshirt). They're never really going to know until we actually put the pads on and the first game starts coming up. But I don't think so."

BN: Any goals for yourself for your Wisconsin career?

MT: "This year so far I just want to play and then I'll go from there."

BN: Where do you hope to be in 10 years?

MT: "Where would I like to be? The NFL."

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