Illinois' Molk center of attention

IU recruiting target Dave Molk talks about his trip to Bloomington for a spring practice session, a trip that took an unexpected twist...

He may have the size to play center, but Lemont, Ill., offensive lineman Dave Molk has the tenacity to play anywhere on the offensive line.

"I don't want to be a fat kid that just pushes people around," said the 6-foot-2, 270-pound Molk. "I actually want to get out and play football."

Molk has been a three-year starter throughout high school and should make it a clean sweep next year as a senior. He has experience at center, but prefers the tackle spot because of the action.

"I like playing tackle better because you really get to hit people really hard," Molk said. "Center can be fun, though, in the right circumstances. At my school with the system we run, the center spot is terrible. We've never had an athletic center than could move around. I like to get out and run."

Without the size of a tackle, Molk projects as a center on the next level and has drawn 10 offers already to play at that position.

"Coaches have been telling me I'm a true center," Molk said. "I don't have the size to play tackle in college. I have experience at center because I played it freshman year and a lot at the end of every game last year. I think I'm going to start next season at the tackle position again and play center late in games."

Sitting in the backyard of the Big Ten, Molk has attracted a lot of attention from the conference and likes its style of play. With the recruiting season starting to heat up, he should bring even more offers from his favorite conference.

"Northwestern, Minnesota, Iowa State, Michigan State, Indiana, Purdue, Iowa, Miami of Ohio, Northern Illinois and Vanderbilt have offered me already," Molk said. "I really don't know why Illinois hasn't offered me yet. It seemed like they were going to, but they just didn't. Wisconsin told me that they're only going to offer 11 people and the chances of them taking an inside player were slim. I don't think they're going to offer.

"I like the Big Ten a lot. They have a lot of good programs."

Molk has been very active since his regular season came to a close, making as many unofficial trips as he possible can.

"I've been to every school that has offered me except for the two MAC schools and I've been to Wisconsin and Illinois," Molk said. "I've made my rounds."

Among those trips was an unusual one to see the Indiana Hoosiers practice during the spring practice season.

"My trip to Indiana was good," Molk said. "That was the first trip I had to drive myself and I actually got lost driving around campus. But it gave me a chance to see it and they have a nice campus. I liked the stadium too, that was nice."

The most surprising part of his trip to Bloomington was the lack of depth at the offensive line positions – the reason the Hoosiers are recruiting him in the first place.

"Indiana really needs some help on the offensive line," Molk said. "They need to get some big linemen in there. When I was watching them practice I was shocked to see only five linemen on scholarship. I was pretty amazed."

Molk is being recruited by Indiana's assistant head coach and offensive coordinator Bill Lynch.

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