Lawrence pondering option as QB?

Plenty of players head off to college with the possibility of playing multiple positions. Blake Lawrence, though, is unique in that he could end up playing linebacker or quarterback. That really says something about him as a player. And as a person, he's mature beyond his years.

Blake Lawrence has seen it before. His brother, Tyler, was a Division I recruit last year and this year it is his turn. While he watched from the outside he is getting that chance to experience it first-hand and it has him a little run down right now.

"I've been all over the place man," said Lawrence, who is a product of Shawnee Mission, Kansas. "It's been crazy. I just got back. This weekend I went to Pennsylvania for the Nike Camp. It was at State College."

Lawrence mentioned that he wasn't getting any attention from Penn State, or from that area of the country for that matter, but he wouldn't be surprised if he does now. The Nike camp at Penn State was the most convenient one for him to attend. "It worked out the best, really," he said. "The closest one was at Ohio State, but I wanted to do the Elite 11 and the Nike Camp the same night.

"I didn't test as well as what I would have wanted, but I played as well as I could. I didn't get as many reps as I would have liked. I ran a 4.7, which could be better, but it's not my best. That was an electronic time on sprint turf. I think that game speed makes up for that.

"The Elite 11 is the quarterback part. It's a position that comes pretty naturally to me. I got moved over to the top group with the quarterbacks. That really made my day. It was really fun to perform when everyone was watching and throw the ball around a little bit."

Lawrence might have left State College thinking about playing quarterback, and there is at least one Big 12 program that is recruiting him to come in and play quarterback. He loves the position, but he admits that linebacker might suit him best for college.

"Missouri is really the team that wants me as a quarterback," Lawrence said. "Some other teams have mentioned the possibility of me playing quarterback, but really everyone is looking at me to play linebacker. I really enjoy playing quarterback and what I did do at the Elite 11 really made me think about playing quarterback in college. As for right now linebacker I think is my spot and the best chance to get to the next level."

If you haven't had a chance to see Lawrence on film, do so. You see an active linebacker that just flashes on film. It looks like he has been playing the position since he could walk, but ironically that couldn't be further from the truth.

"I really enjoy seeing opportunities," he said. "If you watch my film I blitz a lot and am coming off of the edge a lot. When the play is coming towards me, that is what I play for. When I see that running back catch the pitch and I just know where to go. I just live for that. I have only played defense for two years and this has just come with being around the game."

Lawrence admitted that a little break is well-deserved. More than that, he has his eyes set on another goal in another sport. That time off will only be for three or four weekends and then it will all burst open again.

"I have been hectic for a long time," Lawrence said. "I have been out of town at least half the weekends for the past four or five weekends in a row. As of right now I am planning on resting pretty much the month of May. Try and do some track. Try make it to the state meet and win the state title in the javelin.

"In June I will be right back at it; traveling around, seeing some schools, hitting some camps, doing some team camps and wrapping it all up in June. I want to enjoy July and hopefully have a decision in mind around July. I need to talk to (Nebraska defensive coordinator Kevin) Cosgrove about getting up there to camp."

One of the more interesting stories here could be the chance that Blake might have to play against his brother in college. His brother, Tyler Lawrence, signed with Kansas last year to play quarterback. Blake will more than likely be a linebacker. Blake admits that there could be compelling sibling rivalry stories that could be written, but also said that the same could be done for brothers at the same school.

"We haven't ever played against eachother before," he said. "That possibility is just ridiculous to think about. Me and my brother have the typical brother relationship; we don't fight, we don't argue; well then I guess it's atypical. I think that if that opportunity came along (to play against him) that I would kick his ass and then I would help him up."

Blake Lawrence (6-foot-3, 205 pounds) has scholarship offers from Colorado State, Kansas, Kansas State, Michigan State, Ball State, Texas Tech and Missouri. He has told that his favorites are Kansas, Kansas State, Colorado State, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Missouri and Texas Tech.

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