Kaye Clarifies Terms of Commitment

It was considered common knowledge among those following the recruitment of Danny Kaye that the New Berlin Eisenhower blue-chipper desperately wanted to play tight end in college. Kaye cleared up the tight end vs. offensive line debate with Badger Nation.

After locking up in-state studs Tyler Donovan and Justin Ostrowski last winter, one of the top priorities for the UW coaching staff in early summer recruiting was getting Danny Kaye on board. The 6-8, 280-pound tight end from New Berlin Eisenhower is one of the top prospects in the state, and other offers were pouring in from Midwestern competitors.

But Kaye wants to clarify the terms in which he committed to Wisconsin. A story published in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel June 14 suggested Kaye's decision was based on the fact he would play tight end. Other schools were recruiting Kaye as an offensive tackle, and it was considered common knowledge that Kaye would only play if a school promised him a tight end position.

The Badgers made no promises to Kaye, and he didn't request any. When the MJS story was published, Kaye was steamed.

"I was kind of upset, the way the Journal Sentinel wrote that article, because I talked to the (reporter) for 15 minutes and I didn't really say anything about tight end," Kaye said. "I don't know where he got all that stuff from."

The article quoted Kaye saying the Badgers' commitment to playing him at tight end, "was what I was looking for," but Kaye claims those words never came out of his mouth.

"I went up to Madison that Friday morning to commit. I already knew I was going to commit regardless of whether it was (to play) tight end," Kaye said. "That discussion never came up with the coaches or anything."

So where exactly does Kaye stand on the tight end vs. offensive lineman debate?

"Tight end would be great to be able to run around, run some routes and catch a few passes and everything, but I really have no problem playing the offensive line," Kaye said. "Because personally, I think I will probably end up there. Wisconsin linemen are traditionally excellent. They always lead the nation in rushing and everything like that. I guess tight end would just be a benefit. I really have no concern about playing offensive line. That really wouldn't bother me."

Look for more on Kaye's commitment, including insight from his recent conversations with fellow Wisconsin blue chipper Joe Thomas, in the debut issue of Badger Nation Magazine, hitting newsstands and your mailboxes in late July.

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