Flash Report: Lee Evans Press Conference

Lee Evans and Coach Barry Alvarez met with the media Wednesday morning to discuss his rehab progress and outlook for the 2002 season. Here is a quick look at what occured at the press conference:

Lee Evans and Coach Barry Alvarez met with the media in the National W Club Room at Camp Randall Stadium Wednesday morning. We will have more coverage on the press conference later today, but here is a flash report on what was discussed:

- Evans said his rehab is going very well, and he's working extremely hard, about six hours a day, to work his way back onto the field. His personal goal is to return on Oct. 5, and he does not want to miss any Big Ten games. But he would love to return earlier than that if possible.

- Evans has been running for about two and a half weeks, jogging routes, but is still experiencing pain. His immediate goal is to be able to sit back on his heels, then try to start running comfortably.

- Evans thanked the fans for all of their support and kind letters, and thanked the media for a forum to discuss his progress. Evans mentioned he has kept his mouth shut over the last few weeks, but wanted to tell everybody how he is doing.

- Evans said he received a call from Jerry Rice, his idol, who had gone through a similar surgery, and he was thrilled to talk to his favorite all-time player. He also has talked with Jamal Anderson, who has been through two similar procedures, and has had support from many other players and coaches.

- Evans said the biggest piece of advice given to him by Rice, Anderson and others is to be patient and not rush anything, risking further injury. But Evans knows it's possible through hard work to make it back in 4-4 1/2 months, as Broderick Williams did last year.

- Coach Alvarez said he can't imagine anybody handling Evans' situation better, and he's been an inspiration to the entire program. He said he would be surprised if Evans didn't meet his goals of returning for the Big Ten season.

-- Alvarez mentioned Evans told him he is going to return as the old Lee Evans, not Evans' brother. He is not coming back at three-quarters speed. He is going to return as people remember him.

- Alvarez said Evans has attacked the rehab process with determination from day one, and he knows his body very well.

- Evans' surgery was conducted by an ACL specialist in Indianapolis who he trusts and feels very comfortable with.

- Evans said he plans on making a big impact on this season. He will be attending fall camp.

There will be more from the Evans/Alvarez press conference later on this site...

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