Big-time fan support

Running back Dale Martin (5-foot-11, 195 pounds, 4.5), from Bolingbrook (Ill.), said Iowa no longer leads alone, but now is tied for the advantage with Wisconsin over Tennessee, California and Louisville.

"I'm focusing most on Wisconsin and Iowa right now," Dale Martin said. "Iowa was in the lead because I knew the most about them, but now that I visited Wisconsin, it's 50-50. I still have my visit to Tennessee, and California, too, if I can fit it in my football schedule. I'm just waiting to finish visiting the campuses, and then I'll probably know my decision and commit before the season starts.

"Wisconsin's edge is its running back tradition and running the ball. A couple of their running backs won Heisman trophies. I've heard from coaches who have talked to coaches say that Wisconsin's running back coach, John Settle, is a well-respected man in college football and that he'll probably become a head coach. Coach Settle said that they are looking for a guy like me and that I would have playing time right away my freshman year.

"I visited Wisconsin about two weeks ago with my mom, dad and (siblings). We got to go in the press room where there were TVs and trophies and a window that looked over the field. The stadium was real nice and my freshman year they will have brand new dorms. I get along with everyone there, and there is stuff to do. I learned that Sports Illustrated rated Wisconsin first in fan support numbers.

"Other players on my team have been looking at Iowa, and our former teammate, Ryan Bain, is a defensive lineman there. I went to the camp about a month ago with my coach, who was helping out with the receiving drills. Iowa's been recruiting me really hard for a really long time. The NFL has been trying to get their head coach, Kirk Ferentz, but he is comfortable at Iowa. They aren't in the top ten, but they are a winning team.

"As a kid I wanted to go to Tennessee. It's a powerhouse and a good winning team. Before their down season last year, they were one of the top programs in the SEC. The stadium is huge and the fans are great.

"My family and I leave on Aug. 1 to visit the campus and then go on to visit North Carolina because my uncle lives down there. My mom wants me to go to Wisconsin or Iowa because she wants me closer to home, but my dad just wants the best football college for me."

Martin reports a 2.6 core GPA and a 19 ACT.

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