Pat Danahy Q&A

Pat Danahy, a 6-5, 225-pound tight end from Cardinal Mooney High School in Sarasota, FL., is a huge priority for the the Wisconsin Badgers. Danahy finished last season with 22 catches for 377 yards and five touchdowns. Wisconsin was one of the schools he visited unofficially earlier this summer. Danahy sat down with Badger Nation's Ronny Whitworth to talk about his recruiting process.

BADGER NATION: How has your summer gone, dealing with the recruiting process?

Danahy: It's been a little nuts. It's kind of hard to get accustomed to, but after a while you get it. It's been fun the whole time though.

BADGER NATION: Are you still sorting through offers and letting them come in, or do you have an idea of what schools you are definitely interested in?

Danahy: I'm still letting them come in, but I took a bunch of unofficial visits and they've been helping out a lot, helping me narrow down what I like and what I don't like…I went up to Wisconsin, Notre Dame, Northwestern, Boston College and Harvard. And I went to Georgia Tech (last) week.

BADGER NATION: Did those trips help you learn which schools you like and which you can cross off your list?

Danahy: Oh yeah. Going to the schools definitely helped. It's changed a bunch of thoughts on schools. There were schools I thought I wouldn't like and liked a lot, and schools I thought I would like kind of disappointed me a little.

BADGER NATION: Does Wisconsin fit in either of those categories?

Danahy: Well I actually went into Wisconsin not too interested. But that was probably the biggest surprise to me. When I went there they really impressed me when I got there. They were definitely the biggest surprise of all the schools I visited so far.

BADGER NATION: Are you done with visits this summer now?

Danahy: We have training and stuff so I won't be able to make any more.

BADGER NATION: Is academics one of your No. 1 factors?

Danahy: Definitely, yeah. That's why I went and visited Harvard and some of those schools. But it's definitely one of the major parts of making my decision if not the most. That and the quality of football. That's definitely going to be a big impact, where I go.

BADGER NATION: What do you want to study in college?

Danahy: I don't have anything set in stone, but right now I'm leaning towards business. So I got to go and meet the dean of the business school at Wisconsin. That was really cool.

BADGER NATION: When do you want to make a decision?

Danahy: Right now I would like to take my official visits after the season and such, and then make a decision from there. If something happens that I get really excited about it and it causes me to want to make an early decision then I'll do it, but right now I have no plans to.

BADGER NATION: Do you plan on visiting some of the same schools you've seen already on official visits, or will there be some new schools involved?

Danahy: I've definitely thought about some other schools now that I've gone unofficially to these. I'd like to get out to Stanford. We couldn't get out there because it was so far away, but officially that would be a school to go visit. But there will be a lot of schools that I've already visited unofficially that I will probably go visit officially. Like, I will probably visit Wisconsin again on an official visit.

BADGER NATION: Have you thought about trying to break a mold in some ways, being an athletic tight end from Florida perhaps playing in a different region of the country in college?

Danahy: If I break a mold, that's a bonus. I'd like to go to a school that, I don't know if it's a Florida style program or not, but a passing program is definitely where I'd like to go. Where I'd be able to receive the ball an adequate amount of times. I've met with the tight ends coach at Wisconsin. He showed me what he likes to do, and it's basically exactly what we do now and what I like to do. If breaking a mold is what it is, then that's fine.

BADGER NATION: Is there anybody in the college or pro ranks that you admire or compare yourself to?

Danahy:I look up to and hope to compare to (Jeremy) Shockey from Miami. But I don't know if I can say that I am comparable to that. I don't know if other people will either, but that's what I would like to be comparable to.

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