Kraig Urbik Verbatim

BadgerNation catches up with sophomore RG Kraig Urbik during the Badgers Media day Wednesday.

On the return of Joe Thomas for his senior year:

Its huge, not only is a good athlete he is a great leader for our team. He helps the guys to know what they are doing, he's just a great leader for the team.

On his position from RT to RG:

I think just because in the spring we had a lack of depth at guard and we were just trying some new things out. I was a guard for half the spring. I didn't really see it(the position switch) coming, I knew the possibility was there but after a while I just got used to it.

On playing his freshmen year:

Its was huge, getting that experience my freshmen year. I didn't do to well at certain points but I think it really was a very good experience for me just cause I have another 3 years down the road to start. Yeah when I was looking at colleges I never thought I'd be playing my redshirt freshmen year, I just couldn't think about.

On playing with his Hudson High School teammate:

Yeah that's real weird. I never figured me and Eric(Vanden Heuval) would be playing at the same college let alone the same side. I think its just great, cause we are friends and we know what to expect from each other...We know that if one of us screws up we can get on each other and know that its not personal or anything. We just want to push each other make each other better and be a solid right side of the line.

On replacing so many offensive players:

We just got to be patient with that. Last year the defense lost a lot of guys obviously and they just had to be patient with that. As we saw at the end of the season they just came together in the Capital One and I think for us we just have to be patient and let it gel together.

On what the Capital One Bowl victory meant to the team:

It gave us a lot of confidence because everyone was saying we were going to lose and went out there and put up 504 yards of offense and it was just huge for our team.

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