Marcus Randle-El ready to take control

Speedy junior receiver ready to step out of the shadows of graduated seniors, and older brother. He sheds light on both topics with BN's Jason Miller.


How do you feel about the first couple days of practice?

The first day we started, things were kind of shaky. But, that is what the second day is for to come back and make some corrections and that is what we did. We came out the second day, and, as an offense, we practiced well. I think yesterday was good. We did a lot of things that we were supposed to do. As a team, I think that the intensity (from the second day) that the offense and defense had was a great thing.

Talk about the transition from summer workouts to fall camp.

Summer workouts went well. And Det, which is JD (John Dettmann), does a great job in helping us. A lot of things change with how people are going about it. They (the coaches) want intensity in the locker room. The walkthrough was a good thing. There has really not been many changes. We are just going to keep thinking that we need to go 1-0.

Do you feel any pressure from being the ‘next man in' after graduation hit the position hard?

I feel like everybody has a role. We did lose some people, and there are new faces. Everybody knows that. The new faces are still going to come out and perform. I think that Paul Hubbard takes the place of Jonathon Orr. I think I take the place of Brandon Williams. We have other receivers that are out, too. Jarvis Minton is a great receiver with speed and jumping ability to go get the ball. All of those faces that left, all three of them are in the NFL right now. But, we have a lot of guys that can step in. We also have young guys coming in that are making progress. A lot of people are doubting us, but we are going to come out on top.

Do you ever seek the advice of your sibling (Antwan Randle El)?

He does. A lot of times when we talk, we try not to talk about football. We talk about the family and what is going on away from here. He gives me advice in the summer time and tries to make sure I am doing the right things. Other than that, we try to stay away from football.

Do you have a pretty good relationship with him? Me and my brothers are like mad tight. A lot of people think that your brother goes to the NFL and things change. ‘Twan has always been the same guy. That is me, too. Our relationship is great.

Do you feel any pressure from the comparisons?

I will be honest with you, it is pressure. A lot of people always saying, "that is Antwan Randle-El's little brother." I hate that. I hate it. Please put that wherever you need to put it. I hate when they say it, but it is a good thing and a negative thing. It is a good thing because once someone has done well, you get that positive influence. But once someone has done something wrong, it could be blown up out of context just because of who you are. But with that question, I take it as a good thing. I do not take it for granted that my brother is who he is.

What advice are you handing out to the younger guys now that you have been in the program for a couple of years?

Tell them this is your first time and things are going to be rough at times. Once you get the flow, things are going to pick up and be easier. My thing is to tell any freshman that comes in is to get your degree. That is the first thing that is important. And helping them out with where they need to be. Like if a meeting starts at 3:00, you want to be there at like 2:50, 2:55. Things like that, just try to help them out.

What do you expect from this season as a team?

Our expectation is to be in a January 1st bowl, or any higher bowl than that. For the last two years, we have been talked down to about. We beat the top teams but are still lower in the rankings. But every time we are talked about, we come out on top. We practice hard and have just got to keep doing that. And our memo is going to be 1-0.

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