Fresh Faces: Kim Royston

Hear what the former Cretin-Durham Hall high school standout has to say about making the transition to campus life in Madison.


Talk about some of things you are noticing during your first year of college football.

Definitely, the speed of the game. That is the big thing I noticed during the first practice. Also, just how much the coaches put an effort in to coaching us. I thought we have a lot of meetings, but they (the coaches) have way more meetings than us. That was a big surprise.

How long have you been on campus – and can you give me and overview of what you went through this summer?

I moved in for summer conditioning on June 11th. I went back (home) like a month and a half later, I am not really sure. I noticed while being on campus that, first of all, it is a beautiful campus. And people on campus are really nice and things like that. The transition was really smooth from Minnesota to Wisconsin.

Who are some of the elder Badgers that have taken you under their wing?

I have to say (Joe) Stellmacher, (Allen) Langford, and Dre (either DeAndre Levy or Diondre Jenkins). Also, (Ben) Strickland. Whenever they get a chance they pull me aside and tell me to keep my head up, and (show me) different tricks of the trade.

Are you anxious about getting out there tonight (for practice under the lights at Camp Randall) and strapping the shoulder pads on?

Yeah, I am excited about that. It is a little funny, because, we have had our shoulder pads on already but they (the coaches) are like, "Don't go full force." I am pretty sure that some guys will get a bit anxious and carried away. But that comes with the territory, so it should be a fun night tonight.

Are you expected to see and offense versus defense tussle with the first slobber knocker?

I am not sure. All the guys are nice guys, but if it happens it happens. Everyone out here is competing for a job.

When you got on campus, what were you expectations for you freshman year?

My main purpose was to come out here at compete. And (then) get acclimated to the whole campus life. But just to compete out here.

What do think the expectations are for the team this year?

Expectations? Well, obviously we have expectations in-house. But we just want to come out here and do what we need to do while playing our hardest every game.

1-0, is that it…every week?

1-0. Just one game at a time.

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