Fresh Faces: Lance Kendricks

Milwaukee wide receiver product Lance Kendricks has high expectations for his career. He also hopes Santa brings him a gift for Christmas. Read here to find out what it is.


Talk about the first couple of practices, and just getting out on the field.

It is a large adjustment coming in from high school, a smaller high school, to coming in here to a big stage. I am just trying to play how I always played, and not trying to impress anyone. I just make sure to keep my composure and everything. That is what I have been trying to do.

Have you noticed that change in the speed of the game?

Yes, it is a lot faster. They expect you to get in and out of the huddle a lot faster. Everything is just up tempo, up tempo.

Have you gotten any advice from upperclassman?

If I look like I am running route wrong, or they see me doing something wrong, they usually come and tell me to get lower, get my hips lower. And then it works a lot better.

Why made you ultimately decide to come to the University of Wisconsin?

This is where I felt the most comfortable. Every other school were very hospitable and everything, but this is where I feel at home.

Do you feel as if this stadium is "home"?

Yes. Because for the last couple of years, especially on ‘Junior days', I have been coming to the games and been getting used to the atmosphere.

Did you grow up a Badger fan?

Somewhat. I liked them a little bit.

Did you have any particular team you like to watch in college, or do you just like football in general?

Just college football in general. I like watching Saturday games. After Friday games, watch Saturday games.

Talk about what some of your expectations are for your freshman year.

Right now is to just learn the system. Chances are that it is possible to play. But I am just going to learn the system as much as I can. Try to get in and get as many reps as I can to see how it goes.

How do you think the team will fare this year?

Right now it is looking well. Defense and offense are playing well. It should be good.

Do you plan on going to Florida for Christmas?

I hope because that is where all my family is from.

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