Fresh Faces: Lance Smith

Freshman running back Lance Smith talks about the thickness of the playbook and about being the kickoff return man in this premium Q & A with BN publisher Jason Miller.


How long will it be before you feel comfortable?

Actually, I feel comfortable already. Just keep hitting the weights and getting stronger and faster. Other than that, I am having a good time while I am here.

Would you like to have a chance to return kickoffs?

I won't return punts, but I should be returning kickoffs. We start that about a couple of days from now.

What was the thing that sold you the most about Bret taking over this program?

Coach Bielema came to my house and is a nice man. He just told me that this program was still going to stay where it was at, or get even better from where it is at. He told me is not going to go down and that he just wanted to catch up with me. And I told him, ‘alright,' and we went from there.

What is your impression Coach John Settle?

Coach Settle is a silly man. (laughs) This is his first year and my first year. We learn a lot and go over a lot of things. Coach Settle is a nice person. He is teaching me the best that I can be taught and the running back position.

Do you know about his history as an NFL running back?

I know a little bit about his history. Other than that, I really have never seen him play. But he said we have some things that we should be seeing (soon).

What attracted you the most to the University of Wisconsin?

The university. The fans. The people. The coaches. And, I mean, there are a lot of nice players out here on this team.

Who are some of the older players that have given you advice or taken you under their wing?

PJ Hill and Jamil (Walker) just advise me to take time. Time to get me on the field someday. To learn and adjust from high school; I should be alright.

When you visited Wisconsin as a recruit, did you have a feeling that you might be able to play right way?

I kind of felt that, but, like I said, it takes a lot of studying the playbook and just adjusting from high school to college.

So, the playbook is a little bit thicker (from high school to college)?

Oh man, it is more than thick. There is so much stuff you learn and then you come out here on the field. Then it is like, ‘man, I just learned it' but it is harder to do it on the field than to learn it on paper. I am adjusting to that and everything else is going pretty good.

So, since you know the playbook pretty well, and it is 75+ pages thick, then all of your classes should be a breeze?

Oh, no no no. The classes are not going to be no breeze, man. I have not experienced a class yet, but I should coming up in a couple of weeks from now.

What are you thinking to major in – or are you going to do the normal and change five times before you settle on one when you are senior?

I might go in undecided. But, if I do not go in undecided I might major in Criminal Justice.

Do you have any expectations for this season?

Just compete for the job and to be able to contribute on Saturdays.

How about for the team (expectations)?

We just want to take it one day at a time, and one day of camp at a time. Other than that, everything should speak for itself on Saturdays.

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