Next Man In: WR Jarvis Minton

Entering his senior year of high school, Jarvis Minton did not really see a future. Now, with his junior year of Wisconsin football in front of him, the future looks bright. Read what he has to say in this premium story.


Talk about what is like just being back on the field.

It has been great, but hard. I am just happy to be back out here and going to try and catch up to the rest of the receivers.

When did you report this summer?

The first day of lifting, and I do not even remember when it was.

What has gone on from then to now?

We are just learning the offense and getting in a learning position. We just go out there and do what we are told and what we learn.

Is it strange being more under the spotlight this year?

It is not too strange. We knew it was going to happen because a lot of our starting guys left and everyone was going to have that question mark about the receivers. So, we were prepared for it. There are going to be some positive things and there are going to be some negative things about it. We are going to go out there and do our thing.

Do you older, more experienced receivers talk about the fact you are being questioned or pinpointed by the media?

No, nothing just comes to us. You always have to work. The receiving corps worked hard. Guys like Marcus Randle El, Paul Hubbard, Luke Swan, and myself worked very hard during the summer. We are going to do what we need to do to get that question mark answered.

What does Coach (Henry) Mason talked to you guys (WR's) about during these early practices?

He just wants us to learn, that is the main thing. He wants us to learn and never make the same mistake twice.

Has there been anything different learned from the transition of Coach Alvarez to Coach Bielema?

I don't really know. We are just practicing and learning from both of them.

Are you excited about getting underneath the lights with the pads on and taking some hits, or dishing out some hits?

It's pads. There has been a lot of talking between the guys on offense and defense. There is going to be some hits on tonight. Somebody is going to get hit and somebody is going to take a hit.

If one of your best friends is a linebacker and he puts a cheap hit on one of your fellow WR, who are you going to stand up for?

I am going to stand up for my receiver. It is offense versus defense right now. We are just going to have fun out there and not get too crazy.

What do you hope to accomplish this season?

I hope that the receiving corps can just be the best that we can be with everybody making plays and doing what we need to do.

How about for the team (expectations)?

I just want everybody to work hard and do everything that is important…and that is to go 1-0 everyday.

Could you have ever dreamed about playing in front of 85,000 screaming people when playing high school in Arlington, Texas about six years ago as a sophomore in high school?

I never would have thought about this. I never even though I was going to make it. Honestly. If it were not for my senior year and me stepping up then I probably wouldn't be here right now.

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