Casillas Striving To Be Perfect

Who helped Casillas become a perfectionist when he was growing up and which Badger has helped him the most?

How are you feeling through the first two days? Do you feel like your fitting in well with the linebackers?

I think so. I was penciled in as a starter from Spring ball and I got a lot of work in then. I feel very confident in the athleticism and the knowledge we have at the linebacking position. Yeah, I feel good.

What do you think you have to work on most to get yourself ready for the upcoming season?

Just the game in general, technique. I don't feel I'm where I'm supposed to be right now. I just want to get better every day and learn from guys like Mark Zalewski and get everything I can from Coach Doeren.

How much has Zalewski helped you along the way?

He's helped me so much ever since I changed positions to linebacker last year I've been listening to him. He's still contributing every day from my knowledge. I learn from Coach Doeren in the meetings, but out on the field (Zalewski) is a good guy to listen to.

You said you don't feel like you're ready quite yet, but do you think in the next few weeks you'll be able to get ready?

Yeah, it's just that I'm trying to be a perfectionist. I want to be as good as I can be. I feel that my potential holds a lot more than where I am right now. I'm not saying that I'm not a good player right now, but I think I can be a little better over time just by being out there on the field.

Have you always been a perfectionist?

I've been trying to be. You kind of get it from your parents, like I got it from my mom. She's always working hard at being perfect and having this and that where it's supposed to be.

What are you most excited about heading through camp and into the start of the season?

I'm excited about the defense. I'm excited to see our D-backs and our D-line get after it and go after quarterbacks.

Having switched positions yourself, what do you see in guys like Jaevery McFadden and Culmer St. Jean coming in behind you guys?

I think that's great. Jaevery is a good friend of mine and he is doing very well behind me at the will position. It just adds depth. We've got a lot of athleticism at the position now and it's a great feeling when there is someone behind you that you can depend on.

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