New LG Andy Kemp talks transition

Left guard Andy Kemp talks about his new offensive line coach Bob Palcic, as well as his transition to being a starter.

Andy Kemp

How is camp different from last years?

Its pretty much basically the same. Coach Bielema put in a lot more walk thru's and a lot more position meetings. We also got a couple new plays so we are taking time to install those. We are taking it a little bit slower, not to much info at one time. Other than that, camp is camp.

How does your new o-line coach, Bob Palcic, compare with former coach Jim Hueber?

You can't really compare both of them. They are both two different guys, with different personalities. Basically they both have great coaching styles. Coach Palcic has some great coaching styles, a lot of information from the NFL> Everything he is bringing to the table right now is real good. He's a great coach, we are listening to him and getting a lot of things done.

Since you have come into camp as a starter this year how have you prepared differently than last year?

Taking a lot of information in, trying to study as much as I can. You got that starting role and you don't want to lose that. I don't want to let down my coach or team or anything like that. You are trying to learn as much as you can, trying to let the information sink in. Also, we are trying to get some chemistry with that first offensive line, work with Joe, work with Marcus and everything like that. I'm taking a little more time out and studying more than last year.

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