P.J. Hill, Ready to go

P.J. Hill isn't taking his starting spot for granted as say's the spot is still up for grabs. BN speaks with him about that and other topics during media day.

P.J. Hill

On his season goals:

My goals are to contribute to the team and I just want to have a great season and win. I just want to keep working hard. Every time I come out to practice my goal is to learn something new. Those are my goals.

His thoughts on being the starting running back:

As I've said before, the spot is still up in the air. There are a bunch of guys that we have that could take my spot and do a good job at it. I think all of our guys are very talented. They all do a good job running the ball. No one has problems carrying the ball. Whoever gets that spot I'll be happy for them because they'll help us win games and that's what it's all about.

On concerns about his weight:

Yeah in the spring I was a little heavy but now I've slimmed down a little bit. Right now I'm about 233 so that's good. I've always been a big back. If I felt comfortable being big, if I felt I could run with my weight then I have no problem with it. You know being a big back means more contact and being more physical and I'm good with that.

On who he patterned his game after:

I was always a player that didn't look up to anybody. I had people I liked but I wanted to be my own back so people would look at other backs and say, that's P.J. Hill style.

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