Travis Beckum talks football

Oak Creek product Travis Beckum speaks about his transition to TE, and how he considers new TE coach Bob Bolstad a friend in this media day interview

Travis Beckum

On how his transition from defense to offense is going:

Its been going good. In spring ball everything was new to me. I didn't really know anything about offense because in high school they just told me to run out there and they would throw me the ball. From spring ball to now, I'm getting a lot more comfortable. I feel good where I am now and I'm really looking forward to the upcoming season.

On what he worked on over the summer

Specifically I worked on my routes. Since we couldn't have pads I couldn't work on my blocking so I really worked on my footwork and routes.

On whether you need a different mentality when playing offense as opposed to defense:

I think there is. As a matter of fact I think there has to be. The defense is out their trying to get the hit and get the stop. The offense is always looking to gain yards, score points, and hit the big one. That mentality you have to have is just totally different as an offensive player.

On new TE coach Bob Bolstad

He's like my friend. He's real good with all of us. He's gonna make us work, which we need. I'm really enjoying him right now as are all os us.

On his development from H-back to a prototypical tight end

I think it's going to be the same that happened with O.D.(Owen Daniels) He was able to block but they still used him as a receiving tight end because he had hands. I like the H-back I play now. I think my weight right now is holding me back from playing on the line as much as I should but I'm having a lot of un at the H-back.

On his weight

I'm somewhere around 220. I'm working out and getting my recovery in. I"m just trying to gain as much weight as I can.

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