Andy Crooks talks about his new position

Having scored a touchdown on defense during his freshman year Andy Crooks has now moved over to the offensive side of the ball. He talks about his transition and more in this interview from media day.

Andy Crooks

I think it's been going pretty well. I feel like I've got a pretty good understanding of the offense now. It has gone fairly well. I've still got a lot of things I need to work on like technique but it's gone pretty well.

On things he needs to improve upon as a TE

There is a bunch of things really. I mean first step, crisper routes, shoulder pads down. That kind of stuff. There is a whole bunch of things.

On having the same mentality as a defensive player

Not necessarily. No matter where you are you need to be aggressive, hard nosed and just go out and make plays.

On why he decided to move from LB to TE

It was that linebacker wasn't really that good of a fit anymore. So it was a chance to hopefully get on the field a little more and just help out the team.

On his blocking and route running improvements

It's been improving but it still has a long way to go along with my route running. It's only the third day of camp so we got a long ways to go.

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