Catching up with Nick Toon

Read what the first commit for the Badgers in the class of 2007 has to say about being the son of a Badger legend. Also read what advice he has for John Clay and what he predicts for Wisconsin while playing there.

When you are the son of a three time NFL pro-bowl wide receiver, you want to be just like your father. In the case of Middleton, Wisconsin wide receiver Nick Toon (6'3", 195, 4.5), he has already taken the first step.

"My father is a Badger and played in the NFL," says the son of former Badger great Al Toon. "He is still recognized by a lot of people at games." Well, when you are a first round draft pick (1985) you usually have a bit of talent. The apple does not fall too far from the tree.

Having committed almost five months ago to play football for the Badgers has made preparing to play his senior season in high school go much more smoothly. "The pressure of committing is not there anymore," Nick says. "It is great to know that I have a scholarship to play in college. Also, attending Wisconsin means a lot when you get your degree. It carries a lot of weight."

Being a legacy carries a bit of weight as well.

The younger Toon is one of the top three prospects in the state of Wisconsin for the Class of 2007. Oddly enough, it was not a lock that he would end up in Madison. Nick will be the first to tell you that Wisconsin was always a favorite. "There is no doubt that I am a Badger fan. It is hard not to be for me." There was a time when he was also considering a few other schools.

"I was also looking at Notre Dame and Michigan," the outspoken 17-year old states. "But, in the end, Madison is the only place I wanted to be. The coaching staff there is great. Coach (Henry) Mason was a big part in my decision because he is a great man. It is funny to think that (Head) Coach (Bret) Bielema was only like 13 years old when my dad was playing here. That is funny."

Also funny is how Nick can make a defensive back look with his smooth route running and speed. Standing at 6'3" is another advantage at the high school level. Toon says that his high school team could surprise people this fall. "We will be a pretty good team," Toon exclaims. "We might sneak up and bite people." That sounds a lot like fellow Badger commit Josh Oglesby's comments from three weeks ago. Perhaps that makes sense knowing that two spend a lot of time together and are good friends.

"Josh and I spend a lot of time together," says Nick. "He is my best friend in the Wisconsin program. He works hard and will great to be around." There is one more thing that the two have in common: goals while playing for the Badgers.

"I heard where Josh said we will win two Big Ten titles and one national title while playing in college. OK, I will go ahead and agree with that," Toon says proudly. He also said the two guys talk with Badger recruiting target RB John Clay often as well. This is what he has to say to the all-state running back.

"Look at what Brian Calhoun did. He grew up in Wisconsin and left to play for Colorado and then came back. He was pretty very successful here. But I know you will make the right decision for you. And I wish you well no matter where that is."

The quarterback takes the snap, he hands to Clay who sweeps to the left led by pulling tackle Josh Oglesby. Clay has a lot of room to run, but wait, it's a halfback pass. Nick Toon is wide open in the end zone...touchdown Badgers! touchdown Badgers! The Badgers take the lead in the 2010 National Championship game, 21-17, over the Trojans of USC.

For Badger fans, that has a nice "Toon" to it.

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