Q&A with Tommy Zbikowski

Tommy Zbikowski, one of the premier high school football players in the Midwest, has more than 30 scholarship offers to sort through this summer. Zbikowski visited Madison on Junior Day last spring, but do the Badgers have an honest chance at landing the blue-chip quarterback/safety? Badger Nation found out in this Q&A.

BADGER NATION: The recruiting process must be a little overwhelming to you, with so many offers to choose from. How have you been able to attack the process so far?

Zbikowski: I've just kind of gone to different schools. I had a chance to go to Wisconsin in the spring. It's not just sitting back and kind of just looking at everything and seeing what the best choice is for me. I know I can't visit every single place, but I'm trying to get as much as I can.

BADGER NATION: Did you enter the process with any schools in mind, thinking, if they offer me there's a pretty good chance I will go there?

Zbikowski: Yeah, kind of. When they offered, I know that I'd probably want to go visit and try to get to know the coaches and stuff.

BADGER NATION: What are some of the schools you visited or camped at this spring/summer?

Zbikowski: This summer I went to Notre Dame, Iowa, Nebraska and Northwestern.

BADGER NATION: Any positive or negative impressions of those schools?

Zbikowski: It was pretty much all positive, I must say. There weren't too many negatives coming out of there.

BADGER NATION: What is the next stage in your decision process? Are you starting to narrow things down and deciding which schools you are really serious about?

Zbikowski: I want to do it right before my first game, so I can kind of narrow it down. The phone calls start coming in September again, and I don't want to get just completely bombarded by phone calls, so I will probably have 5-7 (finalists), somewhere in that range.

BADGER NATION: Do you have any schools that you would classify as your favorites right now?

Zbikowski: Right now, it's pretty much all the Big Ten. Anywhere you go in the Big Ten, it's great football and a great education. So pretty much all the Big Ten, and Notre Dame and Nebraska out of the Big Ten.

BADGER NATION: You are being recruited as a quarterback and defensive back. Do you have any feelings on what you are best suited for in college?

Zbikowski: I think I'm best suited for defensive back. I've had a great career at quarterback, but I think I'd probably be a better defensive back in college.

BADGER NATION: Why is that? Do you feel you have better instints on defense?

Zbikowski: Yeah, I always played defense before high school and I just started playing quarterback. I just think I fit more as a safety than quarterback.

BADGER NATION: Is there anybody at the college or pro level that you look up to, or would compare yourself to?

Zbikowski: My role model and favorite football player growing up was always Jim McMahon. College-wise, I've been compared to Eric Crouch a lot. He's a great ball-player, but I kind of fit the type of offense we run.

BADGER NATION: What is the speed acceleration camp you are attending this summer?

Zbikowski: It's a private service, and there are 5-6 kids on my football team going. You work on a treadmill for sprinting, and then plyometrics and weight lifting. It's helped me out a lot.

BADGER NATION: What is your current 40-time, and height and weight?

Zbikowski: 4.4 in the 40, 6-1, 190.

BADGER NATION: What was your visit like at Wisconsin this spring?

Zbikowski: It was their junior day. We had a chance to go to the Wisconsin-Iowa basketball game.

BADGER NATION: Do the Badgers have a realistic chance in landing a commitment from you? How would you classify their chances?

Zbikowski: Pretty high. I really liked all the coaches there. They were real good guys when I had a chance to talk to them. Coach (Brian) Murphy is from the Chicago area, so we have a lot in common.

BADGER NATION: You mentioned some of the factors you are considering in your decision. When it comes down to making that final decision, what will the most important things be to you?

Zbikowski: Academics is the most important of course, because that's what you're going to college for. But football wise, I think coaching stability. And I know Coach Alvarez is going to be there until he retires. That's one of the main things, so I know Wisconsin is going to be a good choice if I go there, because the coach is going to be there. That's the most important. I'd love to win, I hate losing, but having a powerhouse program really isn't that important to me.

BADGER NATION: What do you want to study in college?

Zbikowski: I think probably business.

BADGER NATION: Have you had a chance to compare some of the business schools of the schools yet?

Zbikowski: Probably later on. I know Wisconsin sent me a packet about how many alumni are across America and it was pretty impressive.

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