Top 50 Badgers

Who are the top 50 Badgers since 1975? We are in elite territory as Badgermaniac examines players ranked 10 through 6. Look for the top 5 before game time tomorrow.

50. John Stocco-QB-(2003-current)
49. Kevin Stemke-Punter (1997-2000)
48. Gary Casper-LB-(1989-92)
47. Dan Buenning-OG-(2001-04)
46. Brandon Williams-WR-(2002-2005)
45. Nick Greisen-LB -(1998-2001)
44. Al Johnson-C-(1999-2002)
43. Bill Ferrario-OG-(1997-2000)
42. Mike Echols-CB-(1998-2001)
41. Antajj Hawthorne -DT-(2001-2004)
40. Joe Rudolph-OG-(1992-1994)
39. Matt VandenBoom-S-(1980-1982)
38. Randy Wright-QB-(1981-1983)
37. Jeff Messenger-DB-(1991-1994)
36. Jerry Wunsch-OT- (1993-1996)
35. Dave Mohapp-FB-(1978-1981)
34. David Greenwood-S/P-(1979-1982)
33. Terrell Fletcher-RB-(1991-1994)
32. Tony Simmons-WR-(1994-1997)
31. Chris Chambers-WR-(1997-2000)
30. Joe Thomas-OT-(2003-current)
29. Anthony Davis-RB -(2001-2004)
28. Brooks Bollinger-QB-(1999-2002)
27. Ray Snell-OG-(1977-1979)
26. Aaron Gibson-OT-(1996-1998)
25. Lamark Shackerford-DT-(1990-1993)
24. Richard Johnson-CB-(1982-1984)
23. Joe Panos-OT-(1991-1993)
22. Pete Monty-LB-(1993-1996)
21. Darrell Bevell-QB-(1992-1995)
20. Don Davey-DT-(1987-1990)
19. Darryl Sims-DT-(1980-1984)
18. Casey Rabach-OC-(1997-2000)
17. Jeff Dellenbach-OT-(1981-1984)
16. Brent Moss-RB-(1991-1994)
15. Tarek Saleh-LB/DE-(1993-1996)
14. Chris McIntosh-OT-(1996-1999)
13. Tom Burke-DE-(1995-1998)
12. Billy Marek-RB-(1973-1975)
11. Troy Vincent-CB-(1988-1991)

10. Paul Gruber-OT-(1985-1987)-Gruber was team MVP and first team All-American selection in 1987. He was the shining light on some very bad teams. Gruber recently retired after a long and successful career with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

9. Cory Raymer-OC-(1991-1994)-Raymer was recognized as the premier center in college football during his Badger career, being named first team All-Big Ten twice and consensus All-American in '94. A starter since his freshman year, Raymer is the standard by which all future Badger centers will be judged. He led the team to the '94 Rose Bowl and the Big Ten championship, leading the way for Brent Moss and Terrell Fletcher. Raymer is still playing in the NFL.

8. Jim Leonhard-S-(2001-2004)-Leonhard, a two-time captain, continued the Badger walk-on tradition with three first team All-Big Ten selections to go with some three years of All-American mentions. He was the team MVP in 2002. His 21 career interceptions tie him for first all-time, he twice lead the DBs in tackles, and he is 4th in career passes defended (50). He set the school record with 11 picks in a season. Leonhard holds the team record with 1347 yards (including the three best years in school history) and is second with 12.8 yards per career punt return as well as 3 touchdowns.

7. Wendell Bryant-DT-(1998-2001)-Bryant was a three year starter for a 2-time league champion and Rose Bowl winner, making first team All-Big Ten three times, and being named the Big Ten Defensive Lineman of the Year twice. He was named to many All-American teams as a senior. His 41 career TFLs rank 6th All-Time and tops among defensive tackles. Wendell finished with 24 career sacks which ranks 5th all time. He was a first round draft pick of the Arizona Cardinals.

6. Dennis Lick-OT-(1972-1975)-The primary hole opener for Marek, Lick was named first team All-American and All-Big Ten twice in his career. Arguably the best offensive lineman in Badger history (which is saying a lot), Lick went on to play a number of years in the NFL with the Chicago Bears until injuries cut short his career.

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