Can the Maniac go 11-0...again?

After going 11-0 during Week One of college football, the Maniac is back for another go around. He gives us all a little dose of reality for this week's picks. Check it out.

Last week's record: 11-0

Season record: 11-0

Welcome to this week's reality show edition of Badgermaniac's Predictions.

Ohio State @ Texas

The Survivor of this game becomes the frontrunner for the national title game. The home island is the deal-sealer for the Longhorn tribe and the Buckeyes are voted out by a score of 30-28.

Penn State @ Notre Dame

It's the Queer Eye of JoePa vs. the Straight Guy in Charlie Weis…or is Weis the queer eye? Oh heck, they are both odd birds, but on this day, Weis brings a little Golden Domer culture and refinement to the table and the Irish deal the Big Ten their second big loss of the week, 23-21.

Illinois @ Rutgers

This is the story of a pathetic football program picked to play in a game that a real Big Ten team should really win. However, this is still the Real World and the Illini just aren't very good. Scarlet Knights have some talent and roll over the Illini behind Raymell Rice, 34-14.

Indiana @ Ball State

It's the Surreal Life watching a MAC team going blow to blow with a Big Ten team, but this one goes down the wire before the Hoosiers return the Ballers to reality, 20-17.

Iowa @ Syracuse

The Orange are in the process of an Extreme Home Makeover and don't have the tools to compete with a finished product like the Hawks. They do put up more resistance than the Hawks saw last week, but the Hawks build another winning plan, 31-20.

Central Michigan @ Michigan

The Wolverines make a date for Celebrity Fit Club as they feast on their lowly in-state neighbors. Wolverine offense cleans the dinner plate up a bit from their sloppy eating last week and gets fat, 48-10.

Eastern Michigan @ Michigan State

The Eagles are Punk'd by the Drew Stanton and the Spartans. There are no hidden tricks that are going to give Eastern a shot in this game. Eagles are Kutcherized by MSU, 38-13.

Minnesota @ Cal

Big Brother is watching this game closely. Cal disappointed last week but remains Head of Household on their home turf. The Gophers make this one very interesting, but in classic Minnesota form, lose the power of veto and take the defeat, 31-30.

New Hampshire @ Northwestern

The Apprentice Pat Fitzgerald looks to keep his corporation headed down the winning path as the Cats cruise for the second straight week. New Hampshire, you are fired. Northwestern trumps New Hampshire despite a bundle of passing yards for Ricky Santos, 37 –17.

Miami (OH) @ Purdue

This Amazing Race isn't a race at all as the duo of Sheets and Bryant explore all parts of the field and the Boilers pull into the finish line up on the Redhawks, 37-21.

Western Illinois @ Wisconsin

PJ Hill dazzles on performance night with another strong show. Paula and Randy gush over the strong rushing attack but Simon says he wants to see Hill perform against more competition. The Badgers are the American Idols in Madison as they enter the next round 2-0 as the Leathernecks are sent home, 38-7.

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