Alvarez Reveals Major Defensive Change

Coach Barry Alvarez talked about a major change defensively following Monday morning's practice. The coaching staff experimented with it this past spring, and after talking to other teams over the spring/summer, is going full steam ahead with it.

One major defensive change Badger fans will see this fall will occur before the ball is even snapped. Coach Barry Alvarez and his staff have decided to scrap the huddle altogether defensively. They feel it is unnecessary, and there are advantages to having a no-huddle defense.

The Badgers will communicate everything in via signals from the sidelines.

"There are fast huddles, guys huddling at four yards, turning around and snapping it," Alvarez said. "I know Arizona does that. West Virginia will run no-huddle. This is just in preparation for a lot of that."

The team experimented with a no-huddle defense this spring, and has decided to implement it permanently this season. Alvarez said it's another sign of major changes in college football.

"(When I played) if you had one wide receiver, it was a big deal. Now you have four or five, you have guys running all over the place, you have no-huddle offenses," Alvarez said. "So we're preparing really for people who are no-huddle. Rather than run a defensive back all the way in to huddle and run back out, that's a lot of yardage he's running before the ball is even snapped. So we just felt like, and talked to some other schools that have been doing this, guys all know the signals, we can communicate them well. You really don't have to get in the huddle."

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