Tuesday Afternoon Practice Report

The Badgers hit the practice field again Tuesday afternoon, and new Badger Nation contributor Dave Dexter was there to cover it. Here is Dexter's report on Tuesday's practice.

The Badgers walked out in shoulder pads and shorts Tuesday afternoon, a slight change from the morning's full pads workout. These events highlighted the afternoon session:

-Wide Receivers Coach Henry Mason says he's pleased with the progress his unit has made going into Wednesday's intrasquad scrimmage. "The most important thing for me is [that] they're able to not have big eyes and not be afraid of the situation," Mason said. "I just want them to continue to do the things they've been doing – catching the ball when it's thrown to you, make plays when you have the opportunity – and not be awed by the situation."

-For the first time since camp began, the Badgers installed the two-minute drill. Quarterbacks and receivers worked alone for two 5-10 minute sessions; late in practice, the No. 1 offense battled the first-string defense in a no-holds-barred drive down the field. With relative ease, the offense moved 50 yards, to the 20-yard line, but the defense stiffened and prevented a touchdown.

- Brooks Bollinger looked sharp running the two-minute offense out of the shotgun. He was especially solid on timing routes, finding receivers Jonathan Orr, Byron Brown and David Braun, who were working with the first team. On one play, Bollinger hit a button-hooking Braun in the numbers about one quarter-second after Braun turned to face the ball.

-A couple of players stood out during a goal-line drill. Byron Brown made a spectacular, one-handed, over-the-shoulder catch on a fade route. And Bollinger fooled the defense on a play fake to Jerone Pettus. The quarterback bootlegged into the endzone laughing to himself, with the nearest defender five yards away.

-Jonathon Orr followed up on a standout morning session, displaying an impressive vertical leap. He used his athleticism to make some difficult catches in tight coverage.

- Morgan Davis and Mike Lorenz are among the players getting reps with the first-team offensive line.

- Coach Alvarez mentioned yesterday one of the biggest challenges seems to be players mastering their alignment on defense. The defensive coaches continued to correct many players before and during plays on their alignment through both practices Tuesday.

-The team will hold a closed intrasquad scrimmage Wednesday afternoon. Coach Barry Alvarez will talk to the media late Wednesday afternoon following the practice.

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