First Scrimmage This Afternoon

The first real test of fall camp comes this afternoon, when the Badgers will scrimmage for the first time. Coach Barry Alvarez answered some questions about the closed scrimmage yesterday. He will meet with the media late this afternoon to discuss his thoughts on the practice.

Here is what Alvarez had to say about the scrimmage, which is closed to all media:

Q: What do you want to see from your first scrimmage?

Alvarez: I want to see good execution. I want to see guys make plays. It's just the next step, it's teaching different situations. We've taught situations, we've tried to install, we've lectured in the evenings, strategy, to make sure the offense and defense understands what the other is trying to do, trying to educate them on football and now it's just a matter of playing, and playing full speed and seeing if guys can tackle. We can get them in position, see if they can get the backs down. See if the backs can run through things, see if we can execute. This is how you establish the toughness and start getting game-ready.

Q: What are some differences in competing live in a scrimmage situation and what you've seen so far in practice?

Alvarez: It's easy to fill in catch and pass scout when nobody's going to hit the quarterback and guys run easy routes and it's a little distorted with timing and everything. Now we have to read a blitz and get rid of it quick, and you can change up in the secondary and all those things, now the advantage comes back to the defense. But I think we've made progress. I think we've made progress in most places. I've been pleased with how practices have gone.

Q: Are you going to introduce clock management during this scrimmage?

Alvarez: It's a little early for that yet. We'll work on the clock a little bit Saturday. Saturday we will scrimmage and then move the ball. We'll incorporate the kicking game to teach field position and just the transition of being on and off the field. Tomorrow we'll get some work before we scrimmage, then we'll scrimmage situations. But I would guess Saturday will be the first time it will be game-like in some respects, and we'll have officials. Actually we'll have officials both days.

Q: How has this first week of camp compared to your schedule during camp other years?

Alvarez: Our practices have really been the same as last year. As of right now…we did change some things up. Saturday was the first day we let them go and stay in their apartments Saturday night. We've never done that before. We let them go Saturday night. We started late in the week the first week. (Today) will be the first day that will really change things in two-a-days because really this is the first time we've gone two straight days in full pads. (Wednesday morning) we'll let them sleep a little bit later. We'll just have one practice. We'll have a good physical practice, then turn them loose. Then they'll come back Thursday and Friday and have two good practices and we'll do the same thing Saturday. So we're just kind of implementing our two-a-day strategy and changes. They are just coming up now.

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