Brown returns from Madison

The Wisconsin Badgers hosted their first running back prospect on an official visit this past weekend when Zacchaeus Brown arrived in town. Josh Clark caught up with Brown, who offered his thoughts on the visit, to offer this exclusive report...

Zacchaeus Brown spoke with last week in this article with great anticipation in awaiting his official visit to the University of Wisconsin.

Brown made his way to Madison late on Friday afternoon this past weekend in a visit that he states will be used as a high measuring stick for the remainder of his visits.

"Wisconsin is number one on my list, as of right now," Brown stated. "They are the only visit I took, but I will use the visit as a measuring stick, andWisconsin set a high standard. Pitt and Minnesota would be my other top teams, right now, and I'm visiting Pitt in November and Minnesota the first weekend in December."

Regarding his official visit to Madison, Brown says his expectations were exceeded.

"I kept saying to myself on the way home, "the visit really went far and beyond what I thought it was going to be", added Brown, who was joined by Badger commitment Donte Neal on the visit. "I knew I was going to see the game and meet with the coaches, but I really bonded with the players. I also got along with Coach (John) Settle; the running back coach; too."

In particular, Brown stated meeting a fellow Dade County Badger was the highlight of the visit.

"I'd say meeting Elijah Hodge is what was the highlight of the visit. I have buddies who go to (Dillard High School) and I can remember when he was the star player there. He told me Wisconsin is a good place, and the coaches will have my back. He also told me he can understand if I didn't want to go to Wisconsin because of him. He could understand if I was afraid to meet him in the hole," said Brown laughingly.

Brown's primary host on his official visit was Jae MacFadden.

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