Big time 2008 prospect visits Camp Randall

One of the best players in the Class of 2008 was at Camp Randall on Saturday to take in the Illinois vs Wisconsin football game. He un-officially visited the campus, and spoke to BN's Jason Miller about his experience in this Premium update.

One of the top Class of 2008 linebackers in the western side of the United States visited Madison, Wisconsin of his own free will this past weekend.

Ponderosa, Colorado linebacker Jon Major is already on the the radar of many top programs. He holds offers from Utah and Wisconsin. Jon lists his top five as Utah, Wisconsin, Washington, Oregon, and UCLA. However, only one of these schools was given his full attention this past weekend.

The Wisconsin Badgers are making in-roads with a lot of defensive players on the recruiting trail this fall. Major thinks that having a former defensive coordinator is going to help their cause.

"Coach Bielema is a straight shooter." says Major. "He is a good guy, a nice guy. It was an honor to meet him. Any time you meet a head coach it is a good thing. It could not have been any better."

Recruiting coordinator Dave Doeren and Mike Hankwitz have been the main coaching contacts for Jon. It makes sense, given they are Co-Defensive Coordinators for the Badgers. "Coach Hankwitz and Coach Doeren are awesome guys."

And then he talks about the experience of the game.

"The facilities there are just awesome." Major states matter of factly. "The coaching offices are amazing, and the people were so hospitable. They make you feel at home right away. Coach Bielema is lucky to have his office. Wow." Most prospects comment on the newly re-designed coaching quarters. It is certainly a sight to behold. Well, that is until you are inside Camp Randall Stadium on a game day.

"Those fans are just crazy." Jon proclaims. "If you are a recruit, or possible recruit for Wisconsin, you have got to get to a game. The students are crazy! 'Jump Around' is awesome." His high school football team will get to jump around during playoff season beginning Saturday.

Major said that the team finished 5-4, but made it into the playoffs. "I think we will do well." The team highlights its' defensive package with a 4-4, Cover 3 package. That is why the coaches at Wisconsin feel that Jon would be able to play all three LB positions. That is also why they offered him a scholarship at the beginning of October.

At 6'4", 225 pounds and timed in the 40-yard dash at 4.55, you can see the size and athleticism that has most recruiting services ranking him as a top 50 junior in the country. He recently received an invitation to the very prestigious Junior All-American combine on January 6-7. Only 500 kids are invited, so it is an honor. Jon will decide if he wants to go or not in the very near future. He will also be receiving results from his PSAT soon, and scheduling the ACT.

As for a time table on his college decision?

"Right now, I really don't have a timetable." Major says. "But, after visiting Wisconsin they are certainly at the top of my list."

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