Alvarez Comments

Coach Barry Alvarez made some interesting comments Tuesday morning, including addressing the perception his offense will have to score 50 points a game to beat people this season, his biggest concern entering the season and lingering thoughts about last year.

On Kalvin Barrett, and how he's stuck things out despite being displaced on the depth chart last year:

"Those guys compete. If someone moves ahead of him, instead of quitting, they compete. And those are the kind of guys you want around. You don't like quitters. Guys that quit on you when things get tough are going to quit on you in the fourth quarter too, so I'm pleased with the way he's worked. And he's gotten better. He's gotten better during two-a-days."

On his two freshmen tailbacks, Booker Stanley and Dwayne Smith:

"I like our backfield situation. I think those two guys with their experience compliment one another. I think the two freshmen bring something else to the party. They've got a ways to go. They're learning every day. Yet they're skilled, very talented freshmen. They've got a little more substance to them. I think Dwayne's about (225) and Booker is a good solid 200. You can see they're both strapped up pretty good."

On what happened last season:

"We had poor kicking. We had a lot of question marks going in. We got answers at a lot of them. We had to depend on as many young players as we did, you're going to have mistakes. That was the first time in a number of years we beat ourselves in some situations. We cost ourselves, and that's been our credo. Our credo is make people beat you, don't beat yourself. I think that's what happened last year. We gave up too many plays on defense. Big plays on defense, particularly when people spread us out. And we couldn't correct it."

On the perception that the Badgers will have to beat people 50-40 this year to win games because of their defense:

"I don't think that's true. I hope that is the perception. Having nine new starters may be a positive."

On whether his defense is really better this year:

"Oh no question about it. We're better in the front seven, I think we'll be better at linebacker, I think our secondary will be better."

On the experience level of his defense:

"These guys have been in our program. Every one of those defensive linemen. We have six of them that have played before, we've got a linebacker that's been a starter for two years. Kareem (Timbers) has more athletic ability than what we've played with before. We've got some young guys in the back end that have some ability. And we've got more of them that can play. I just think we have a chance to be a pretty good defense with more speed than what we've had. We've got a good combination. I think we can put some pressure on the passer with some of the kids we have up front."

On his biggest concern right now:

"I'll still be concerned with our kicking game until I see the kickers kick in a game situation. I feel best about both lines, our quarterbacks and running backs. I just think we have some very good players at those positions, veterans."

On not making a bowl game:

"We don't want it to happen. Sometimes it happens to programs. I saw it just happen to one of the best programs in the country at Penn State. Sometimes those things happen. When you play a tough schedule and you play our league, you certainly are vulnerable to that. But hopefully that was a bump in the road in our program and we can bounce back and get our program back to where it was…I think we have a chance to be a very nice team."

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