Wednesday Scrimmage Report

The Badgers held their final scrimmage of the summer Wednesday afternoon at Camp Randall Stadium. Here is what Coach Barry Alvarez had to say about the practice, verbatim:

How did your final scrimmage go?

Alvarez: It was a very intense, very physical workout. Since it was the only one of the day, we went extra long. We had an hour practice. Got some good kicking and special teams work on film, worked for an hour and then scrimmaged situations for an hour and a half. We scrimmaged third-and-short, goal line, overtime, red zone, four-minute and two-minute. We went good against good, and I thought it was very physical. We changed our mind from just doing a couple of things and scrimmaged everything. I just felt we needed it and I thought it was good work.

How much game-planning for Fresno State did you do in today's scrimmage?

Alvarez: None. This was all against ourselves. This wasn't against Fresno's formations. This was just against ourselves.

When do you start your typical game week preparation for the Fresno opener?

Alvarez: Well we've introduced Fresno. We've had a scouting report. We'll incorporate all their stuff tomorrow. The mock game will be against their formations, their team basically, any tendencies we might have. And then we'll have three work days, whereas a normal week of preparation, our work days are Tuesday and Wednesday. We'll use Sunday, Monday and Tuesday as work days in preparation.

With just two days before you break camp, is it fair to say you've accomplished everything you set out to accomplish here?

Alvarez: Yeah, I think so. We've hit more this camp than we have in I think in any previous one. I think we had a good balance with the changes in our schedules. I think the guys have stayed relatively fresh and practiced pretty well. We went through about every situation. This was all scripted prior to us coming out here. We've been in every situation that you could possibly be in to get our guys ready. I really don't know how much more we could have accomplished out here.

Is there a change in the way you go about your business when you return to campus and practices at Camp Randall Stadium?

Alvarez: I think they're all…everyone's glad to get out. After two and a half, three weeks out here, everybody would kind of like to get back to their own apartment. The coaches would like to get back to their own homes and get life as close to normal as possible. But they will have a little more free time down there than here, but everybody is always anxious to break camp.

Will your defense be as physical or more physical than last year's?

Alvarez: I think you have to wait for the games to see that. I'd like to think we have some physical kids. We'll let their actions speak.

Do you have a timetable for when Lee Evans will be ready?

Alvarez: No.

Is he still on schedule, or have there been any setbacks?

Alvarez: No, nothing…I haven't heard anything. Everything I've heard is positive.

Any news on Dan Buenning?

Alvarez: Dan's cleared. He'll start practice tomorrow. We expect him to be ready for the game.

Did you notice much improvement in your team over three scrimmages?

Alvarez: Just the natural progression. When we scrimmage we go one's against one's. Somebody's got to win and somebody's got to lose. I always look at the one that loses. But I think we've been crisper, and I think just the natural progression of doing things a little bit better, going full-speed and just getting closer to being game-ready.

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