Miller: Being thankful for where you are

There are days in your life when you remember who you are. There are also days in your life when you would like to be someone else. But, on Thanksgiving, you should remember each and every thing and person that has helped mold you into who you are.

Today is a good day to remind yourself that you are thankful for who you are and what you are doing with your life. Thanksgiving means different things to every person. Being thankful to me is a not just a phrase I say. It is who I am each day. So, with that, I unveil my inaugural what I am thankful list.

* I am thankful to be covering a Wisconsin Badger football team that currently sits at 11-1.

* I am thankful that Bret Bielema is the coach that is leading the Badgers. He was a good college football player, that approached the game the right way. 'Biels' hit the field and left everything he had on the field.

* I am thankful that Bo Ryan is the coach of the Badger men's basketball team. Is there a better X's and O's guy in the business?

* I am thankful for said basketball team that they do not have to run "the Hill" until next summer.

* I am thankful that Barry Davis is wrestling coach. If you have a chance to see them, don't let it go by. This team is worth the price of admission - they will have at least (7) guys take the stands as All-Americans in March.

* I am also thankful that Zach Tanelli is in Cardinal and White. This guy is an animal on the mat and has the attitude of a caged dog out there.

* I am thankful that cheese in Wisconsin is always fresh.

* I am thankful for Starbuck's Coffee and their Caramel-Vanilla latte. Man, is that stuff good!

* I am thankful that the Iowa football team is in Iowa, and I am in Wisconsin.

* I am thankful, though, to be an Iowan - with dual Wisconsin residency.

* I am thankful that when I die, on my death bed, I will receive total consciousness. So at least I have that going for me.

* I am thankful that the Wisconsin Athletic Communications department does it the right way. They are very receptive to interview requests and needs.

* I am thankful that Barry Alvarez is not going to move to Miami if the Hurricane head coaching job is available in two weeks.

* I am thankful that I met him when I was eight years old. His true colors have changed a bit since then.

* I am thankful for you, the Badger fan, and your never ending support of the program.

* I am also thankful that you, the Badger fan, are also a supporter of and the BadgerManiac.

* I am thankful for the BadgerManiac.

* I am thankful for Neil Ament, perhaps the finest photo editor in all the land.

* I am thankful for Nate Greenbaum and Ray Pfeiffer for their continued photo contributions to BadgerNation. Thank you.

* I am thankful for Eric Schmoldt's contributions to the website and magazine through the years. Though I have only witnessed this since August 1st, 2006, you are a solid writer who will go far in this world. Just stay away from street curbs.

* I am thankful for Jon and Katie Linder. Their legacy will never be forgotten. Jon is a great man and a great writer.

* I am thankful for Matt Lewis. Your control of the English language, and grammar, is superb. Now if we only get the guy a new hat.

* I am thankful for Jason Dean and Ryan Gessin's contributions to the site and magazine this fall.

* I am thankful for Derek Engler's contributions to the website this fall.

* I am thankful to be where I am - covering Wisconsin sports.

* I am even more thankful that it will take me to Florida in a month. This will be my fourth consecutive year celebrating the new year in the Sunshine State. Not a bad place to be.

* I am thankful I might get to play golf while I am there. Anyone else interested?

* I am thankful for Benjamin W. Worgull. Everything you do, Ben, is from your heart and is a labour of love. The check is always in the mail, my friend.

* I am thankful that I have the greatest family in the world. To my parents, you are incredible and your love never changes. 37 years after you tied the knot things are still strong.

* I am thankful that my niece is the coolest four-year old in the world. Her parents are pretty cool, too.

* I am thankful that her father, aka my brother Jon, runs a good ship at our sister website in the galaxy, HawkeyeNation. And thankful that he allowed me to work with him for six years.

* I am thankful that my little sister is always there when I call.

* I am thankful for Jesus for dying for my sins.

* I am thankful to be a Badger in the making even if the Cardinal and White will have a tinge of black and gold blended in. Rome wasn't built in a day either, right? :)

So, on this Day of Thanks, remember who you are and where you come from. It might just make you see that the person you thought you were has changed since the last time you looked in the mirror.

It might also make you see the true colors in yourself are different than what they were last year.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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