Nathaniel Greenbaum Gallery - FIU

There's no way you can delay Nathaniel Greenbaum. Despite losing his luggage and having to wear his backup camera uniform, he still manages to take some sweet pictures.

Michael Flowers airs out and uses any means necessary to keep the ball in play, as long as it looks fancy.

Dude, it took you 18 hours to get through airport security?

FIU's Alex Galindo goes for a lay-up but instead gets another lay over, compliments of Greg Stiemsma.

Trevon Hughes pushes the excess baggage out of the way on the way to the basket.

Tanner Bronson looks for a way to get by FIU's Michael James.

It looks like he might have found one!

Uh oh, Evac! Evac!

Michael Flowers tries to take flight, but is bogged down by International's port of players.

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