Merry Christmas to all --

It is Christmas Day and most people will be spending time with their family. With that, I give you three reasons that Christmas should be special this year.

When taking in a bit of ham, turkey, or what have you, and then washing it down with a splash of egg nog, Badger fans, accept these as my gifts (or thoughts) to you for a Merry Christmas.

Badger sports are rockin' and rollin' this year -- The volleyball team finished in the top 16 in the country. Bret Bielema led the Badger football team to 11 wins in his first season at the helm (so far). Bo Ryan is swingin' the men's basketball team to the top of the charts, with a bullet. The Lady Badgers started their hoops season off one of the best starts in school history. Barry Davis has a great wrestling squad on the mat this year. The women's hockey team seems to be unstopable. The men's hockey team is getting better - and doing so at the right time.

A family's love is a family's love -- I am thankful to have a family who remains in, pretty much, daily contact with one another. When you are a kid you always think about getting away from your parents and siblings...only to realize, naturally, that they mean so much to who you are and where you are going.

The REAL meaning of Christmas -- For me, that is the reason of my being - especially on this calendar day we celebrate.

No matter where you are today, or tomorrow, I wish you a Merry Christmas and may God bless us.

Every one.

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