UNLV Postgame Alvarez Verbatim

Here is what Coach Barry Alvarez had to say following the Badgers' victory over UNLV Saturday night, verbatim.

There's a huge transformer that went out in this whole area, and these are temporary generators right now and they weren't generating a lot of light. Players had cooled down. We had originally been told by the officials we would wait five minutes and if the scoreboard did not come back on, the game would be over. (UNLV Coach) John (Robinson) and I agreed to that. Then once the kids started cooling down from the game, even these lights weren't sufficient enough and we thought it would endanger our kids so we agreed to end the game at that point. As far as the game went, I thought other than one series our defense played well. Five turnovers in the first half was excellent. We saw a lot of new things. I thought they adjusted well on the run, made some plays. I'm concerned that we're not taking advantage of them on offense. People are putting a lot of pressure on us. They're putting nine in the box and they're blitzing from all over the place and making us have an answer to the blitz. And quite frankly, we haven't come up with one. That's something that we're going to have to improve on because that's what we're going to see week in and week out. I like how the guys responded though. We were able to get our passing game going late in the second quarter and put some points on the board and take advantage of it. I thought the punting game was good. Our coverage team was excellent, other than kickoffs was really good. Other than consistency with field goals, I was pleased with the kicking game.

You were 1-of-10 on third downs, the second week you've really struggled in that category.

Alvarez: That goes along with being inconsistent on offense. I mean, what can I tell you? We weren't very good at it.

Did Scott Campbell win the kicking job tonight?

Alvarez: I would have to say we will definitely have to consider him. I can't live with three missed field goals. I mean, they were not hard kicks. That's something that takes away from the football team. I don't want it to be a crap shoot. I like the way Scott really showed maturity. I thought he really kicked the ball well. And to go in and kick that field goal when he did? I'd say right now I'd have to lean on him being the kicker next week.

Can you talk about Dwayne Smith's debut?

Alvarez: Well we decided, we really wanted to play him last week and take some heat off Anthony (Davis). He's a big, strong guy. He gives you a little punch in there and he can wear on you. He can move the pile. He's practiced well, so we decided we were going to get him some reps today, and I thought he responded very well. I really thought he ran hard and he should continue to get better. But I was very pleased with him.

Is he your backup tailback now?

Alvarez: I'm not going to get into that guys. Please don't try to put words in my mouth with depth. Jerone Pettus is an important part of our program. You guys are more concerned, and I'm not saying this sarcastically, but you are more concerned with who's the backup, who's three and who's four. I just want guys that we can count on to play. That's the only thing that makes a difference to me.

Can you talk about the rhythm Brooks Bollinger had with Jonathan Orr tonight?

Alvarez: I thought for a while out there they were making some plays. They were going 1-on-1 out there with the corner on Jonathan, bringing their safeties down in there playing the run, or blitzing them off the edge, and I just felt like Jonathan made some plays. And you know what? Their corner made some plays down the stretch. In the second half, we wanted to come out and take some shots. We had the ball there and the kid got it out. I thought UNLV played very hard. I thought defensively they gave us some problems. They came up with a totally new scheme with five down linemen. Their kids scrapped. They're coached very well. Offensively, they have good skilled players. But to answer your question, those guys did come up with a little rhythm there.

What was the reason Jim Sorgi got a series in the second quarter?

Alvarez: Brooks was winded and a little dazed.

Have you ever experienced a situation like the power outage at the end of the game?

Alvarez: I think I've been some place where the lights went out, but they came back on.

Does the fact the next four games are at home allow you a chance to improve?

Alvarez: Yeah, especially if we get a crowd like we had last week. I really thought our fans got into it. These aren't easy trips. You come out here, the heat's a factor, focus is a factor, waiting around all day, that's somewhat of a factor. My main concern right now is we've just got to improve. We're making too many mistakes. We're making too many foolish penalties. We're putting ourselves in the hole. We're hurting ourselves. So we've got a tough week of practice and preparation ahead but I do like the fact that we're going to be at home for a while now.

Did you see the jump from week one to week two that you expect?

Alvarez: No, I thought we'd be better. Although in the kicking game, we did some good things in there. Defensively, I thought we did some very good things. I was really disappointed in that one drive. I thought we got a little sloppy. We're trying to get the ball back, and here they take the ball down the field on us, we have some poor tackles. I guess I'm more disappointed in the offense.

How did Alex Lewis do tonight?

Alvarez: Alex made some plays. I was disappointed he had a penalty in the kicking game. Penalties in the kicking game will kill you. I saw him flying around. I saw him make a few plays. He's still learning pass coverage. But I think he's getting closer.

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