Brandon Breaks Through

True freshman wide receiver Brandon Williams talks about his breakthrough game, a six catch, 125-yard afternoon in his third collegiate game.

From the first day of fall camp, there was one true freshman that stood out from all of the rest – wide receiver Brandon Williams. During the first week of camp, Williams dazzled everyone with his athleticism and play-making ability.

Williams was slowed by a minor injury that kept him out of practice for almost the entire second half of camp. But it was just a matter of time before Williams showed everyone what he can do.

That time came Saturday against West Virginia, when Williams exploded for six catches for 125 yards. It was a relief for Williams, who had three catches for 62 yards (a team high) against Fresno State, but struggled against UNLV, with zero receiving yards.

Williams couldn't wait to get on the field to put the UNLV game behind him.

"That had to be one of my worst games ever in my whole career ever playing football," Williams said. "The thing that bothered me the most was I was missing blitz reads when I know it's coming. I just have to know the situation, and play to the situation."

Williams was able to make his blitz reads against West Virginia, and he was able to free himself down the field as the offensive line sustained their blocks for what seemed like minutes on certain plays.

"We ran our routes, and we feel like we're open and we see the quarterback begin to scramble," Williams said. "We work on that on practice, the scramble drill, so it just came natural."

With Darrin Charles going down to an ankle injury in the first quarter, Williams knew immediately his number would be called upon more than expected. But he was ready for the challenge, as were fellow freshmen receivers Jonathan Orr and Brandon White. The performance of the young trio has helped ease the temporary loss of Lee Evans, and on Saturday, Charles.

"I think the quarterbacks are a little more confident in the receivers. Coaches are starting to feel more confident in us," Williams said. "We're working very hard…I'm very excited, that I'm just able to grasp the scheme of the offense and get better every week. You never know what your plan is, and where life is going to take you, but you always want to be the best you can be in anything you try to do. I wanted to be good, quick."

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