Campbell hopes to connect vs. NIU

It's been a rough ride for kicker Scott Campbell since his arrival on UW's campus two months ago. But he's starting to settle in, and feels confident he's going to give the program exactly what it needs.

Scott Campbell entered the UW expecting not to get rattled when he stepped onto the field. He felt like his confidence from high school and junior college would translate to kicking well in a bigger setting.

He found out it wasn't quite that easy.

"It's a lot different, kicking in front of 78,000 people, compared to 600 people," Campbell said. "That's the really big change…especially the first game. That really did hit me."

But Campbell said he's settling down, and he is starting to feel more comfortable kicking at Camp Randall. There still is an incredible amount of pressure because of the delicate nature of the kicking position.

"The job is still open for any of us. I go out there and try to do my best, and Mike (Allen) and Adam (Espinoza) do the same thing, but the job is not mine. It's whoever has the best (week of) practice," Campbell said. "Mike and Adam are having great practices, so anything can happen."

Campbell was very frustrated last week when his only field goal attempt, a 42-yarder, was wide right by a matter of inches.

"You have to make your kicks, and if you don't, that's just going to put more pressure on you," Campbell said. "Because you're thinking, I've got to impress these guys. I can't let the team down. But there is pressure on all of us, and you have to go out there and make every one of them.

"(Last week's attempt) was frustrating. I felt good on it, but it was no good, and you just have to go out on the next kick and try harder," Campbell said.

While field goals have been erratic all season for the Badgers, Campbell's kickoffs have been up to par with what the coaching staff is looking for.

But he is not satisfied with his performance in that category either.

"I'd like to kick it out the back of the end zone every single time, and I'm not. That would be perfect," Campbell said. "But our kickoff coverage is doing a heck of a job. I give them all the credit. I just kick the ball. They're the ones that are busting their butt down there and making the tackle. Coach (Brian) Murphy has done a hell of a job with them and everything else."

It's been a rough ride for Campbell and all of the kickers thus far, but Campbell said he wouldn't trade this experience for anything.

"I'm loving it. I'm really enjoying myself here and I couldn't ask for anything better," Campbell said.

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