Depth Chart Changes

News on several depth chart changes following the Badgers' game vs. Northern Illinois.

There were several depth chart changes when the Badgers' weekly release came out Monday morning:

- Brett Bell is now listed as the No. 1 free safety ahead of Ryan Aiello.

- There is no longer a bracket linking Dwayne Smith and Jerone Pettus as the No. 2 tailback. Smith is listed as the sole No. 2, and Pettus is the sole No. 3.

- Chuckie Cowans is the third player in three weeks listed as the No. 2 cornerback behind Scott Starks. Johnny Sylvain was listed in that spot last week, and Patrick Ellestad was listed in the spot earlier this season.

- Jim Leonhard is no longer listed as a kick returner (only a punt returner), while Pettus and Brandon Williams are now listed as the kick returners. Jonathan Orr had been listed as a KR until this week.

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