Smith Suspended Pending Review

Sophomore running back Lance Smith, arrested after a weekend dispute with his girlfriend over cab fare, is suspended from the football team.

MADISON– Lance Smith, a sophomore running back with the Wisconsin football team, has been suspended from his team after violating the UW Department of Athletics' Student-Athlete Discipline Policy, Director of Athletics Barry Alvarez announced Wednesday.

Smith is suspended from competition and practice pending the availability of further information relating to his case.

According to a statement from the Madison Police Department, sometime after midnight Saturday, Smith and his girlfriend got into a dispute over how much money she owed him for cab fare -- he said $10, she claimed she owed him $5.

The woman told police that during the dispute, Smith -- whose legal name is Smith-Williams -- would not let her out of his North Randall Street apartment and pushed her down as she tried to leave.

Smith then told the woman to go to a nearby convenience store to get change for a $20 bill, but allegedly followed her, still arguing, and pushed her down in the store, the woman told police.

As she fell, the woman dropped the $20 bill and Smith allegedly picked up the cash and took her shoes.

The woman called police to report the incident Saturday afternoon, and Smith was arrested.

During the suspension, Smith will remain on official squad lists and may continue to receive support service in the sports medicine facility, the academic support center and the weight training room.

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) protects any additional information regarding disciplinary actions toward a student.

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