Pat Danahy Sets Official Visits, Names Favorites

Special Teams Coach Brian Murphy and Tight Ends Coach Paul Chryst visited Danahy in Florida Monday afternoon. Did that trip help seal an official visit for the Badgers?

Pat Danahy, the 6-5, 225-pound tight end from Sarasota, FL., is one of the top priorities for the Badgers this recruiting season, and the staff helped make that point earlier this week, as Special Teams Coach Brian Murphy and Tight Ends Coach Paul Chryst made a trip to his high school to watch some game tape.

Danahy said Wisconsin is one of three favorites, along with Stanford and Georgia Tech. He set his official visit to Madison on Oct. 19, for the Homecoming game against Ohio State, and will take a trip to Stanford Dec. 6. An official visit to Georgia Tech will be finalized soon, either the week before or after his trip to Stanford.

But last night, the Florida staff contacted Dahahy, and there could be an offer coming his way.

"They said they are figuring out this week who they are offering at tight end, and I was probably going to get one," Danahy said. "I don't know about Notre Dame right now…they have about 6-7 tight ends so I don't know if that's going to be a factor, if they offer."

Danahy said if the Gators offer, they could be among his favorites.

"It may change things around a little bit. I might have to rearrange some considerations," Danahy said. "But I don't think it will make that big of an impact, like me totally changing my mind and stuff."

Danahy said location is an issue, but Wisconsin is okay in that category because his aunt and uncle live in Dane County. He stayed with his relatives when he made his unofficial trip to Wisconsin, and his parents would be able to stay with them on trips to games.

Cardinal Mooney is 2-1, but Danahy hasn't been able to explode yet this year because of rainy conditions that's limited the passing game. A hurricane is in the forecast for this weekend's game, which will make things even more difficult.

"I can't complain too much. I like blocking too, but it's fun to get the ball as well," Danahy said. "Hopefully that hurricane won't come this week and mess up our game."

Danahy is starting at defensive end in addition to tight end for the first time in his career. He has cramped up in two games, as he adjusts to playing every down.

"It's definitely a lot more challenging physically, but I'm getting through it," he said.

Danahy said academics will continue to play a huge role as he narrows down his decision, but there are other factors he will take a look at on his official visits.

"How well I get along with the coaching staff and players, how well I can connect with the area around there, how close it is to home is going to be somewhat of a factor, or how easy it is for my parents to get to games and if there's family around," Danahy said. "My official visits maybe will give me (the answer) where I should be."

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