Fall Practice: Day 13

The Badgers name a starting left tackle and announce two serious injuries that will impact the team as fall practice starts to wind down.

- Wisconsin was supposed to have another day of two-a-days, but Bielema felt the team was far enough ahead of schedule to go one practice a day from here on out and cancelling one of the practices Wednesday.

"We've been working pretty good and I want to make sure our legs are under us for the opener," Bielema said.

- Daven Jones sustained a serious knee injury and will miss the majority of the season after he has surgery tomorrow (Tuesday). Jones will use his redshirt. Bielema feels it's an injury he can easily come back from, but it will need time to heal.

- The same news goes for Quincy Landingham, who will undergo surgery this week and use his redshirt.

- John Clay did not practice Monday night, but watched from the sidelines in sweats. Per NCAA rules, Clay needs to have five days in half pads before he can practice in full gear, which would be Wednesday. Bielema is concerned about Clay and how far behind the learning curve he is.

"I'm concerned because the learning curve is so sharp for freshman, especially at that position," Bielema said. "He wasn't able to be here for the initial walk throughs and team meetings, but he knows brighter days are ahead."

- Bielema stated that Monday's practice was important for DeAndre Ware, Jonathan Casillas and Elijah Hodge as they went 'unrestricted' for the first time in a couple days.

-Bielema announced that redshirt freshman Gabe Carimi is going to start the season at left tackle, senior Danny Kaye will be the backup center and Jake Bscherer will see time with the second team at both left and right tackle. Bielema noted that Carimi has earned the job and has 'tremendous upside.'

"He proved it time and time again throughout camp that the position was his and he rose to the level of the competition," Bielema said.

-For the remainder of camp, freshman Josh Oglesby will see reps with the second team, but Bielema indictated that he will still redshirt.

"He'll be able to work with that group and do some things to progress him more than he would with the scout team," Bielema said.

- Kurt Ware, Jamal Cooper and Kirk DeCremer were all one one-a-day schedules the past couple days to make sure they overcame their nagging injuries.

-Bielema said that Jaevery McFadden has established himself as a solid linebacker, but just needs to maturity aspect to be there.

"The only thing that limits Jaevery is his maturity and to be able to be mature to [make a big play] every time," Bielema said.

-Bielema plans to announce and name a starting quarterback on Wednesday.

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