Player's Diary #4: Andrew Weininger

Badger commit Andrew Weininger, a 6-5, 305-pound senior from Harrison High School in New York, is considered one of the top offensive linemen in the nation. After committing to Wisconsin in early August, Weininger began writing a weekly column for The Journal News, a Gannett newspaper in Westchester County, NY. Weininger has been kind enough to share his columns with Badger Nation. Here is the fourth column written by Weininger, which was published on Sept. 20.

University of Wisconsin-bound all-state lineman Andrew Weininger of Harrison reflects on the Huskies' 49-6 Week 2 win at Pelham Sept. 14.

Our goal is to be a great football team.

Losing our first game to Ronout Valley (Sept. 8) made us realize that we are not close to that goal.

But just because we lost doesn't mean we can't still be a great team. We just have farther to go then we had planned to get there.

After the Rondout loss, our team was angry. We were angry at ourselves.

The theme in the locker room this week was to channel our anger to make us play as well as we know we can.

Unfortunately for Pelham, it worked.

I could see in the way we practiced that we were going to have a much better game against Pelham.

We had great practices on Wednesday and Thursday. The team is starting to buy into Coach (Art) Triolo's philosophy that if we are perfect the first time then we don't have to run the same plays over and over again.

Practices get really long when we get lazy and make mistakes. Wednesday and Thursday we really were moving around well.

During offensive team period (our first team offense vs. scout team defense) everything began to click. All of the facets of our team started to come together. The backs were hitting the hole the instant the offensive line was opening it.

When we did defensive team period, the defense did a good job lining up pre-snap and then running to the ball during the play.

This really carried over to the game. Our offense was much sharper and our defense played a very solid game.

On offense, Rudy Arcara had another great game rushing for more than 100 yards and four touchdowns.

Defenses should begin to worry about Pete Kohlasch.

He set up a touchdown in the second quarter with a beautiful run in which he started on the left hash and then cut it all the way back, beating defenders up the right sideline before being pushed out inside the 10-yard line.

Then later in the game, he connected with Angelo DelBorgo for a long touchdown pass.

On defense, A.J. Maucieri made his first varsity start at defensive tackle. He took advantage of his opportunity, playing a great game. Rick Alvarado and Josh Haynes didn't let the ball cross the line of scrimmage.

The thing that impressed me about my teammates was how everyone was very business-like during and after the game.

We won by a huge margin (49-6), but no one on the team got too excited. We all realized that we were supposed to beat them convincingly.

Our parents are our biggest supporters. They have a Football Booster Club which raises all of the money that allows us to have a first-class program.

We have the best uniforms and equipment. They also feed us incredibly well. Every Friday night after practice, we have a team dinner. I can eat a lot but, I always leave the dinner full.

The food is really good -- chicken parm, wedges, pizza, pasta and desserts -- all you want!

But more importantly, our Friday night dinners allow the team to relax together the night before the game.

I am grateful to be a part of the tradition of great Husky football.

I would not want to play for any other high school. From the band, to the cheerleaders and majorettes, to the community spirit that you can feel at every game, being a Husky is a very special thing.

My favorite tradition is our arrival to home games. After, doing our warm-ups at the high school, Coach Troilo speaks to us in the locker room.

You can feel the electricity in the locker room, everyone is excited and ready to go. Then we get on a bus and take the short ride down behind the middle school. The middle school is perched on a hill across the street from Feeley Field. The bus drops us of and as a team we walk single file down the hill. From there we run out onto the field, to the band playing ou fight song. It is a really special experience.

But, this year we have still yet to have played a home game. Saturday, Sept. 21, we play at Ardsley for the first time. Going on the road is not that big a deal. But, playing at home is definitely a big advantage. We usually get the biggest crowds and our team is very comfortable there.

With the traditions that our team has, I have some of my own. When I get home on Friday nights I always watch T.V. while I put my pads in my game pants and replace the spikes in my cleats. My key to success though is the chocolate chip muffins that my mom makes for me every morning before games. They are the best.

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