Fans' Q&A: Devin Hollins

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How is practice going for you? Do you feel things are coming along?

Hollins: Oh yeah, I feel like practice is coming along real well this year. Last year, I didn't really know a lot of what was going on. But this year I know what's going on. I'm starting to understand the game, I'm going in and watching a lot of film, and I'm just having fun out there now. I'm going out there and trying to give the defense a really good look.

What were some of the difficulties last season? Was it just a lot to remember in the offense?

Hollins: Yeah. Coming up here, it was a lot. Going back to high school, you have 20-25 plays. I mean here, with the information, you have to know what he's doing, what he's doing, what he's doing…which is a lot, which is new. But I'm enjoying it. It's fun. Coach (Jeff) Horton is really doing a good job with us.

Even going back to your high school days, you have been dead set on playing quarterback. But with the stiff competition at your position, have you given any thought to looking at another position?

Hollins: I mean, there's going to be competition wherever you go. I just love the offensive side. The quarterback is the general. I mean, I just love that. I love that position, just seeing great athletes do things. From all the great quarterbacks, from (John) Elway, to (Ken) Dorsey at Miami, to Joe Montana, those are great leaders right there, and I just want to be a part of that. I want to be a part of that success.

Are you confident that you will be able to make it on the field here in due time?

Hollins: I'm looking forward to going into the spring, working hard, getting to really know the system, getting everything down pat, just being real sharp and crisp. Hopefully when spring comes, it will carry into camp and I will have a really good year.

What is your 40 time?

Hollins: I have no idea what it is man.

I've seen your name pop up a few times as Scout Team Player of the Week, impersonating other quarterbacks. But what style of quarterback are you?

Hollins: I really don't compare myself to anybody. A lot of people say I play like (Donovan) McNabb or whatever. I really don't see it though. I have a long way to go to catch up to be with him. I really don't know who I play like.

Did your football background in Los Angeles help you when you arrived here at UW? Do you feel your background there has helped you at this level?

Hollins: I do. I came from an offensive style, where I had a coach that was a graduate of UCLA. He was an alumni, and he came back and he tried to throw in some of their stuff in our offense back in high school. He tried to do little situations where we did hots – they let me audible, they let me call my own plays at times. But yeah, I feel that coming in here, I feel comfortable.

So they gave you a lot of freedom in that high school offense.

Hollins: Yeah, I was able to go to the line of scrimmage, and if we were in a run formation, I was able to check out and go to a pass. And if we were in a pass, I was able to go to a run, a trap, or do whatever style was open.

It's a much different story here, isn't it?

Hollins: Yeah, here you basically have to stick with it, unless it's a run, you know you have to get out of it. But you can't get out of things as I did back in high school. I mean, I tried to get out of things (all the time) to make plays.

What's your assessment of some of the other quarterbacks on the depth chart, like John Stocco, Owen Daniels and those guys? Who has really impressed you in that group, and what types of things do they do well?

Hollins: Who's impressed me? Dang. All six of them are excellent. There isn't just one that stands out. All six of them are just awesome. It's just a good group of guys, from Brooks (Bollinger) to (Jim) Sorgi, to (Matt Schaebert) to Owen, to Stocco and Graham (Danielson), these are a good group of guys. Especially with the older guys, Brooks and Sorgi, I mean, you couldn't ask for another group of guys like that around the league, that will help you, coach you, help you get better. They just won't let you fall down. They are there to help you, even though you're not getting the reps. If you're sitting in there watching film, they will sit there and point things out and explain it to you. I really appreciate the work they do in (helping) us.

What are some of the things that separate you from some of those other guys? Are there certain things you do that distinguish your style from the others?

Hollins: Well it's just that, if nothing is there, I just want to try to make something happen. Keep the chains moving, keep everything alive. I just don't want to give it up, because there's always something there, if you look back at the film. Watching film, if you throw a ball, there's always…if you throw a ball out, or if you take a sack, there's always something that you could have done. If you're in the pocket, you just have to feel comfortable, and then once you get out of it, you just have to run and get out of there.

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