R.J. Morse Ready for Penn State

Despite straining his knee against Arizona, R.J. Morse is rehabbed and ready to go for the Big Ten season.

Unlike most Badger of his teammates, punter R.J. Morse wasn't able to head home last weekend. It would have been a little too much to try to make the roundtrip flight to Hawaii.

Morse hung around Madison, spending a lot of time in the pool, rehabbing his knee. Morse strained his knee against Arizona, and limped off the field, but had one more punt following the injury and punted the ball well.

Morse said the injury hasn't effected his punting at all, but he has spent extra time this week after practice trying to get back on target with his timing and mechanics.

"I was getting a little off track," Morse said. "We fixed everything – mechanics, leg swing, get off time and all that stuff…they are constantly pushing me to get better."

Morse isn't the only kicker fighting through an injury. Kicker Scott Campbell pulled his quad during the Arizona game, but also is ready to go after some rehab in the bye week.

Morse said both are relaxed and ready to play. When asked if he was ready to go out and hit somebody, Morse laughed.

"I'm not that amped up," Morse said. "But I'm ready.

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