Neil Ament Gallery - Iowa

Bret Bielema often says, "It's not what happens during a game; it's how you react to what happens." Through this lens, Badger Nation's Neil Ament put Coach Bielema's words into images.

During the WSU game, 21-year-old Wisconsin senior Brad Rynes was charged with disorderly conduct, ejected from the game and required to "Show and Blow" before the Iowa game. Though Rynes' case is pending and disputed, he wasn't going to let that deter his attendance at the Iowa game. He had one beer pre-game and the Intoxometer, registering a 0.01, couldn't stop his entry into the student section.

Badger senior Nick Hayden brought sustained pressure to Iowa all night, narrowly missing on several occasions.

Hayden's lunch-pail effort was rewarded with arguably the play of the game, when his deep push and big paws blocked a key Iowa field goal attempt on the Hawkeye's opening drive of the second half.

P.J. Hill was stymied early and often by Iowa's stout defense, including this fumble on the three-yardline while heading for a sure TD late in the second quarter.

During the ensuing mess, in which an inadvertent whistle took away an apparent fumble recovery for a TD by center Marcus Coleman, Travis Beckum is told, in no uncertain terms, to back off by an official.

Beckum briefly backed off until two plays later when he put the points back on the board with a circus catch.

Hill gave the Badgers the lead for good midway through the fourth quarter with a TD of his own.

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