Looking Back

Badgermaniac looks back at his keys to the game against Iowa.

(Read the original Keys to the Game HERE)

1. Tony Moeaki vs. Wisconsin linebackers/safeties

Moeaki went down early with an injury and obviously wasn't a factor. Wisconsin did blitz with the secondary, though it was primarily freshman Aaron Henry, though Aubrey Pleasant did come a few times as well.

2. Christensen's Wheels

I was impressed with Christensen's mobility and was wrong about this being a factor in Wisconsin's favor. Wisconsin did have some success rushing the passer at times, but it wasn't consistent and primarily came via the blitz.

3. Gabe Carimi vs. Bryan Mattison

Considering that Mattison was not matched up with Carimi (mental note…fine our staff researcher), it would be hard to call this factor accurate. However, right tackle Eric Vanden Heuvel did do a solid job in pass protection. Mitch King did cause mucho-trouble as he has in the past.

4. Breaking the Seal

Wisconsin was poised to strike early, but a Tyler Donovan fumble eliminated the scoring opportunity and titled field position in Iowa's favor. Considering the slugfest nature of the game, early points would have been key.

5. Electric Company

The environment was indeed electric, but the Badgers appeared pretty assignment sure while still maintaining intensity.

Badgermaniac's Prediction

As expected, Iowa had trouble moving the ball on offense all day long. Wisconsin did have some success running the ball in the second half, including a number of key runs from Donovan. Beckum did have a touchdown, but I doubt it could be called a breakout game. Iowa did a pretty good job on Travis, and Donovan did miss him a couple times. Overall, I will take a B on my score prediction: generally accurate but with some small holes.

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