Nathaniel Greenbaum Gallery - Michigan State

No, we couldn't get him blimp credentials, but Badger Nation photo editor Nathaniel Greenbaum was on the sidelines for UW's fifth win of the season.

Bucky and the band are ready for kickoff.

P.J. Hill scores Wisconsin's first touchdown against MSU, but forgets to pose for the camera.

The Spartans answered P.J.'s touchdown with their own bruising back, as Jehuu Caulcrick scored a pair of two-yard touchdowns on back-to-back MSU possessions.

Marcus Randle El is checking out the competition ... we find out why later.

Garrett Graham continues his solid 2007 season, catching two Donovan passes for 20 yards.

Tyler Donovan avoids pressure by scrambling to the outside ...

but is more comfortable cutting back to the inside where is beefy offensive linemen await.

Travis Key intercepts Tyler Donovan early in the fourth quarter, setting up a field goal to tie the game.

Elijah Hodge stops Javon Ringer from catching a first down pass that would have extended the Spartan drive and, potentially, the winning touchdown. Instead, Wisconsin survives 37-34.

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