Looking Back

Badgermaniac takes a look back at his Keys to the 37-34 win over Michigan State.

(Read the original Keys to the Game HERE)

1. Wisconsin OL vs. Jonal Saint-Dic

Saint-Dic had a big hit on Donovan early that caused a fumble, but Eric Vandenheuvel in particular did a fine job of containing him the remainder of the game.

2. PJ Hill on 1st Down

Offensive coordinator Paul Chryst committed to the run, especially in the second half once again, and PJ Hill responded with a hard earned 155 yards on 34 carries. 1st down carries were not dominant, but Donovan was not faced with outlandish down and distance situations and the Badgers responded by going 7 for 13 on third down.

3. We are due, Baby!

Still waiting…DeAndre Levy did have one big play on a sack and fumble recovery, but the defense as a whole spent more time dropping possible interceptions or missing tackles. Have to say this one was a big miss.

4. Devin Thomas vs. Taylor Mehlhaff

Thomas did a lot of damage, but it was primarily on offense. Thomas only averaged about 20 yards per return with a long of 23. Taylor Mehlaff had very good elevation on his kickoffs which helped improve coverage. Mehlhaff was also a key with his field goal accuracy.

5. Will the Real Wisconsin Badgers Please Stand Up

Until further notice, we are going to have to presume that this is who they are…a good offense that can be very effective through the air or on the ground, but with a defense that struggles at times.

Badgermaniac's Prediction

The game was close as expected, though my prediction of a defensive game couldn't have been further from the truth as the teams combined for over 1000 yards of offense. Special teams was the deciding factor as Mehlhaff hit all 3 of his FG attempts, while Swenson went just 2-3. The missed FG, while a tough one, accounted for the final margin. I will give my game prediction a B-, primarily due to the gross underestimation of total offense.

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