Looking Back

Badgermaniac takes a look back at how his Keys to the Game against Illinois turned out.

(Read the original Keys to the Game HERE)

1. Wrapping Up

While bad reads and poor angles were still apparent, the tackling remained poor and lead to big Illini play after big Illini play. When you run for almost 300 yards, it is pretty obvious that the tackling was terrible.

2. Back Leman, Back

Leman attacked the box relentlessly. Chryst did counter with extensive work to the tight ends underneath, which allowed them to put some drives together and keep them in the game. It was a very effective game plan given the lack of skill player options as the game wore on.

3. Unexpected Contributions Outside

I figured that Swan might be neutralized, but the injury of course was a stunner. Swan had been an impact player before getting hurt, but once he went down there weren't many options on the outside. Jefferson did hit on the one big play, but the wideouts were remarkably quiet considering Tyler Donovan threw for nearly 400 yards.

4. Justin Sanders, aka Aaron Henry

Non issue. I didn't notice that Illinois sent him that much, perhaps because they stuck with their base defense so much.

5. Déjà vu All Over Again

Another game, another zero. While Donovan's two fourth quarter interceptions were key plays in Illinois retaining the lead, the Badgers could not force the Illini into similar mistakes. They now sit at 3 turnovers created by the defense in 6 games. That makes it awfully tough on your offense.

Badgermaniac's Prediction

Hard to quibble with my prediction. The Badgers couldn't stop the run and couldn't establish the run. They couldn't get turnovers to get over the hump. I predicted a 3 point loss and they lost by 5. Sadly, I give my prediction an A this week.

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