Fans' Q&A: Brandon White

Wisconsin freshman wide receiver Brandon White answers Badger Nation premium subscribers' questions in this week's Fans' Q&A.

Q: How is your season going for you so far?

White: I think everything is going pretty good. I have a lot of good receivers around me to help me and I have a good coach, so everything is going alright.

Roderick: How have classes gone so far? What is your major?

White: Oh, classes are going way better than I thought. I turned in a paper the other day and it went real well. I'm thinking about majoring in marketing but I don't know. When I was thinking about it last year in high school last year, that was my first idea, but I don't know yet.

Roderick: In straightaway speed, how do you stack up with the other wideouts?

White: Really I don't know. We've never really gone at it. Coach (Henry Mason) emphasizes speed off the ball. So on the tape we watch who is coming off the fastest and it looks like everybody is pretty even. But (Jonathan Orr) has a step on a lot of us. After that, everything looks pretty even.

Warwickstar: Besides Brooks Bollinger, what quarterback do you have the best chemistry with?

White: I like a lot of our quarterbacks a lot. They're real cool. Everyone tries to be real understanding. But (Jim) Sorgi has been real cool. Brooks is a good guy, but if Brooks goes down, we need a good backup, and when Sorgi comes to the huddle, he just brings a relaxed mode to the huddle. He's like, `Come on guys, let's do it.' So I like Sorgi a lot.

Warwickstar: What pro receiver would you compare your style of play to?

White: I'd like to say, I mean, he's not doing that good right now, but when he was in college, Reidel Anthony. Where I'm from in Florida, running after the catch was always emphasized. And every time he caught one at Florida, he just made guys missed. I'm just waiting for my chance to get out there and do the same thing. So that's what I try to do.

BigAppleBucky: As a Florida guys, are you looking forward to winter in Madison? How was the weather when you took your visit last year?

White: It's alright right now, it's alright, but it's way different than home. But it's going alright right now…when I made my visit it wasn't that bad. It was around 30. But you know on the visit, it's so fun, you don't even think about the weather. Now when I actually get up here, it's like dang…it's cool though.

BigAppleBucky: Who are the toughest D-backs you practice against in the following areas?

White: The funny thing about jamming is the DB's, they all sit up, off my best thing to do. The toughest guy at jamming, I'm going to have to go with Scott Starks. Scott Starks and I go back and forth all year. Coach Mason says I have a nice release. He's never seen a receiver that's able to release like that. But Scott Starks does have a nice jam.

Staying with your routes?
White: Oh, B.J. (Tucker). He has quick hips. You can throw him a dip and a dip, but he has very quick hips. Yeah, B.J. Tucker, definitely.

Getting tackled (hit) by?
White: Well I don't even get hit in practice much. But just by taking a look, Sparky and B.J. do come up, so I'd have to go with one of them.

BigAppleBucky: Are you encouraged by your success to date and by that of Brandon Williams? Are you looking forward to being part of a "Brandon tandem" of receivers at Wisconsin?

White: Oh of course. I'm just waiting my turn. I just think when it finally comes, it's going to be one of those tales that people always say about, `he waited his time, but when he got it, he made a play.' I'm just waiting for the opportunity right now. But I'm not waiting until I get it. I'm not satisfied. I still come to practice and work hard every day. As you can see I'm the last one off the field today. I'm going to keep working. I learn from guys like Lee (Evans) and (Orr), they work hard. And the team, it's going to be real exciting to be a part of that.

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