Faces in the Crowd - Part One

Next to Wisconsin, Penn State has one of the best tailgating atmospheres in college football. Badger Nation's Neil Ament was there to capture the scene, finding some Badger fans in the process.

Long time Badger Nation lurkers pose for a shot Frinday night in the Rathskeller, College Station, PA

Older than dirt, but younger than JoPa

Leave it to the parents of offensive linemen and tightends to have the best tailgate set-ups. Here is the spread put together by the parents of Andrew Weininger.

TE Garrett Graham's parents brought this multi-course meal in from New Jersey.

Badger Nation poster, Useyourgun, hauls in a one handed grab in an open field several hours before kickoff.

A row of cars protect the mass of RVs in just one of the plethora of parking lots and fields surrounding Beaver Stadium.

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